View and Download Kawasaki Ninja service manual online. Ninja Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Ninja abs, Er-6f, Er-6f abs. Visit Kawasaki Motor Corps., USA owners center for up to date service manuals, parts diagrams, ROK™ info, owner support, warranty info, Kawasaki Protection. Kawasaki NINJA R User Manual • Preparation • Kawasaki Motorcycles.

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If there is any irregularity, replace the drive chain.

locate a dealer

Run the main harness inside the ribs on the air cleaner housing cover. License Plate Light 12 V 5 W Air Cleaner Housing 2. How To Use This Manual Be alert for problems and non-scheduled ticular interest for more efficient and con- maintenance. Replace any damaged gears or gears with excessively worn dogs or dog holes. If the breather plate [A] maual to ninjja removed, follow the next procedure.

Replace the stem cap if its oil seal [A] shows damage.

Kawasaki Ninja – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Tighten the two clamp bolts alternately two times to ensure even tightening torque. Run the rear smaller ECU connecter lead above the other one. Insert the ignition key into jinja seat lock, lo- cated under the seat cover.


Striking the rotor can cause the magnets to lose their magnetism.

Therefore, it should be handled carefully, never struck sharply, as with a hammer, or allowed to fall on a hard surface. These names must be the same.

WARNING If not removed, the anticorrosive treat- ment applied to the brake disc surface will interfere with brake action, and an unsafe riding condition could result. Run the radiator fan lead inside the frame.

Seat Height mm Service Code 51, 52 Stick Coil Circuit 1. Run the frame ground lead terminal to the outside from between the frame gussets, and fix the lead terminal on the gusset. Front Brake Light Switch Use this table for only the bolts and nuts which do not require a specific torque value. Special Tool – Needle Adapter Set: Gaskets, O-rings, oil seals, grease seals, circlips, cotter pins or self-locking nuts must be replaced with new ones whenever disassembled.

Kawasaki Ninja Model Information 6 pages. Torque – Neutral Switch Holder Screw: If the lining thickness of either pad is less than the service limit [B], replace both pads in the caliper as a set.

Intake air pressure sensor trouble Inspect see chapter 3. Ninja absEr-6fEr-6f abs.

Hook Hold the rear brake light switch lead and the crankshaft sensor lead. Be careful not to get water or mud on the ABS hy- draulic unit. Njnja – Oil Filter: Learn and ob- serve all the rules below. Torque – Windshield Mounting Bolts: If any plates show signs of damage, or if they have worn past the service limit, replace them with new ones.


You will see air bubbles rising into each cell as the ports fill. Replace the caliper if the cylinder and piston are badly scores or rusty.


Piston Ring Thickness Standard: Therefore the cutter must not be used for other purposes than seat repair. The headlight comes on after the starter button is released and stays on until the ignition switch is turned off. Oxygen Sensor Heater Equipped Models: Joint Connector A 4. If any of the brake line fittings, including the ABS hydraulic unit joint nuts, or the bleed valve is opened at any time, the air must be bled completely from the brake line.