Aaron Allston’s Strike Force, Columbia. likes · 2 talking about this. A superhero RPG setting and campaign book for HERO System, Savage Worlds. High Rock Press is raising funds for Aaron Allston’s Strike Force on Kickstarter! Help to create a new edition of Aaron Allston’s classic. From the back of the book: From one of the best-known Champions campaigns comes Aaron Allston’s Strike Force – a supplement chock-full of heroes, villains.

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I will admit I did not back the new version simply because I don’t think it was necessary.


Phosphene – As Lightrune, plus you get a unique opportunity to interact with the creators! On first instinct I was going to make a Stranger Things reference and link game and show in a rather obvious way. Add tags Tags separate by space: If we unlock this level, we will print Strike Force in full, glorious color!

In addition, you receive an electronic copy of the Hero Lab and Hero Designer files for the Strike Force characters and villains!

It showed me how a campaign could be more than a srtike of adventures. This gives you the files for all the heroes and villains a total of 31 different character sheets! Questions about this project?

Preliminary artwork has been received, and we’re in the process of laying out the book.

Help to create a new edition of Aaron Allston’s classic allstn supplement Strike Force! Strike Force was the first superhero campaign guide. Hero Designer is all you need to start creating, printing, and sharing characters for your games, and the Strike Force Character Pack–containing 31 different character sheets of the team’s heroes and villains–will allow you customize the characters in the book to suit the needs of your individual campaign!


Aaron Allston’s Strike Force by High Rock Press — Kickstarter

La Panthere – As Lightrune, plus you get to work with the creators to make your very own character for the setting of Strike Force! He’s exposed me to a lot of different RPG materials that I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise, causing me to investigate more of what’s araon there. We also post links to new updates on our Facebook page and on Twitter. I’ve published a lot of books over the years, a stike of them here on Kickstarter!

He has a patreon page where he showcases his newest art projects.

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: World of Darkness We’ve got top-tier artists lined up to work with us, and we want to compensate them to the best of our ability–and that is why we need your help to reach our funding goal. Denis Loubet has been creating artwork for games since aaro early 80s.

Aaron Allston’s Strike Force is a page, 8. I’ve read other advice on campaigning and written some toobut Aaron Allston’s detailed example and explanation of how he built and ran a campaign was more instructive than all that advice put together. Changed the way our group and future groups ran games and played forever. Michael Surbrook has been developing games professionally since The Original Classic Edition!

Aaron Allston’s Strike Force | Reviews | Forum | BoardGameGeek

This Strike Force Anthology includes original unpublished work by Aaron himself. But, every one of those thirty thousand started striks own torce. Backers at this level also receive a physical copy of the Strike Force Anthology if that stretch goal is unlocked You may select one option from any of the following:. Sean is the Brand Manager for Savage Rifts. A superhero setting like no other. Another example of the full-color layout plan! It’s a way to bring creative projects to life.


Now he seeks to work directly for his fans through his Patreon campaign.

You have the option of having your name, your characters name, or your company name included in a special thanks section of the PDF. Aaron himself was designing this new edition of Strike Force before his untimely death, and we want to bring his work to life as a monument to Aaron’s lasting influence on the RPG hobby.

It demonstrated how to engage the players and manage the campaign beyond the table, guidance which now echoes throughout the GM sections of games today. aron

From one of the best-known Champions campaigns comes Aaron Allston’s Strike Force – a supplement chock-full of heroes, villains, bases, plans, and best of all ideas for your own campaign. Whether one likes the game or not, the Silver Age Sentinels rulebook gave one of the allstin comprehensive and best discussions on the genre and its subgenres ever.