Writers: Alistair MacLean (novel), Paul Wheeler (screenplay) | 1 more credit» Caravan to Vaccares () Charlotte Rampling and David Birney in Caravan to . Feb 2, Here are encamped hundreds of gypsies in their brightly painted caravans, en route to the big annual gypsy festival south of Arles. We are. Apr 14, Unlike most Alistair MacLean novels, Caravan to Vaccares is not a novel based on the World War II. The book first came to print in and.

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The plot was average and there was nothing great about it.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Posted by Simon on February 2, https: Posted by Andrew Anderson at He accelerates ahead of them and hijacks a local fishing boat, and there is a waterborne chase scene worthy of a s Bond film. That is something which I really liked about the book. Luckily, he has also irritated maverick California cop, Ryder — by kidnapping his wife — so Ryder tracks him down, disarms his gang and kills him. It takes place in the sixties or maybe the acravan but Despite todays very changed political climate, the story comes across vaccafes very believable.

If you, however, would like to check out his vast body of work, this is one of the ‘certainly recommended’ ones from me. The women are treated like dolls, liberties are taken with logic, and there are a few holes in the plot too large to accept.

Caravan to Vaccarès – Wikipedia

A reasonable pace was maintained throughout the novel, which is an important feature of a thriller novel, I believe. What it failed to do was grip the reader through lack of empathy and it felt like the obligation was for the reader to fall under the spell of the author without sufficient investment in I read this book as part of a continuing experiment to reread books that I enjoyed back in caravvan day.


He has no occupation. Alistair Maclean ‘s books always resonate with one dialogue in this book, when Duc is about to walk into a situation he has nothing to do with, in front of his perplexed girl-friend – “But you can’t just barge in -” “Nonsense.

Caravan to Vaccarès by Alistair MacLean (1969)

It was attended by Princess Anne and her husband Mark Phillips. The book mostly consists of action set pieces with a threadbare plot. I shall not call a cqravan to the experiment just yet so will have another crack at a MacLean book later in the year. I was also not satisfied with the character descriptions as there was a high degree of imbalance. Check out IMDb’s Streaming Guide to see what’s new on Netflix, find out if your favorite streaming show has been renewed or canceled, and more.

They wander round the booths of the fair the gypsies are setting up, and Bowman humorously has his palm read by a succession of old soothsayers — they tell him he will be married soon and this forms the basis for a running flirtation with Cecile.

Caravan to Vaccares () – IMDb

Retrieved from ” https: When I was growing up there were a number of books by Desmond Bagley and Alistair McLean on my parent’s bookshelf and these formed some of the earliest adult fiction that I read. It is here page that Bowman reveals to the frightened boat owner that he does, in fact, work for the British Secret Service.

This one didn’t work out so well and highlights a major shift in writing styles over the past 40 years. Not holding out much hope though It’s entirely not-PC if you care Roma and feminists in particular are likely to find reason for offense.


Alisttair year gypsies from all over Europe gather in Provence at the shrine macleqn their patron saint.

MacLean was a favorite of my teen years. Also standing out in both books is the narrator using brownface as a Halfway through a very guilty pleasure Alistair MacLean re-read, Caravan and Puppet on a Chain both stand out for using foreign cultures as their villain, i.

A nice review of this MacLean novel. The international cut is 98 minutes and a heavily cut US version is 84 minutes. The Times Digital Archive.

I’ve read and enjoyed all of MacLean’s better novels, generally tp to be about half of what he wrote, which is pretty good as novelists go. This tightly woven thriller would still ring true, even if such modern conveniences as cell phones and the internet were added. Nobody knows, but it was clear that the gypsies had something to secret which they didn’t want to be divulged and presumably, the deceased has come close to the secret.

Besides, I never barge. The truth is he had no need to resort to resort to graphic depictions of violence – he relies on maintaining a relentless pace and keeping the reader slightly off-guard and these qualities are more than sufficient to generate the necessary excitement.

Neil Bowman is not a folklorist.