ANNEXURE ‘D’. SPECIMEN AFFIDAVIT TO BE SUBMITTED ALONG WITH APPLICATION FOR. PASSPORT BY A WOMAN APPLICANT FOR CHANGE OF. Annexure D is enclosed by the parent who applies for a passport for their minor child. With this Annexure, they confirm that they take responsibility. Annexure-‘D’. SPECIMEN DECLARATION BY APPLICANT’S PARENT(S) OR GUARDIAN FOR ISSUE OF PASSPORT TO MINOR. (On plain paper).

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The passport office used to be a place of big mess with long lines and tedious process. Private organizations outsourcing totally defines quality of service and incomparable.

In this article, let me share my PSK experience applying passport for our new born baby in Tirupati, India. This article is continuation to article on how to Apply for new born baby passport Annexude, required documents. In my case, I did not know that info, so I took an appointment and went to the PSK office at the given time and I was let inside along with my wife and baby. If you are doing a walk-in ensure that you are carrying enough cash for paying towards the application fee.

Passport Seva Kendra simplified process calls it a three step process from here: You will have to paxsport in the waiting hall and look at monitor for your token to be displayed, it will tell which counter to go in. Now processing starts at Step A or Section A. Once you go to the counter, they will check your documents originals like birth certificate, passports, address proofs, etc. They will ask you verify your name and spellings at this section. It is very critical to pay attention to all the details here.

This tatksl the most important step in my view after this it is psasport just verification. So, pay attention to spellings and address here carefully. It can take up to 10 min depending on their system speed and the person doing it.

Documents Required for Passport in India

Also, you can ask the person to disable text message notifications, if you have chosen it while filling application form, as it is not required. The person processing said that you do not need it as there would not be police verification and it is very straightforward for minors, so why waste Rs. Once you are done at Step A or section A, you will be asked to go to other waiting area.

Once your token number appears in the monitors, you go to section B or step B. This is an additional verification step done by the Government employee. They will look at each and every original document and cross verify the details.

I believe, this is to ensure that all of the documents are thoroughly verified. It takes roughly 2 to 3 min here, nothing much to do here.

After this again, you go back to the waiting area for your turn. You come to the passport issuing officer after your token appears in the monitor. The officer is a government employee and will ask for your originals. They did NOT ask us any other questions. They just blindly looked at documents and said, it is done. It took about 2 minutes or less. Now you go the last step. After the above Step C, you just go to the exit section and give them your token number and application receipt. The person there will take that info and give you an acknowledgement receipt with the respective information.


Passport Annexures | Passport Affidavits

The acknowledgment slip will tell you some things like, if police verification required annexurre not, etc. In general, there is no police verification required for a minor passport, if the parents have passport. It said that Police verification not required for my case. I checked the status, couple of days after my appointment and it said, the passport is printed.

I was amazed by it. You will get an email with the info like this: The same will be issued to you after Lamination, Signing and Quality Check. Almost after 4 to 5 days you will get another email saying that your passport has been dispatched via speed post. annexurr

New Born Baby Passport Applying Experience at PSK Office.

It can take anywhere from 1 to 4 days depending on your place. Overall, the process took little over 10 days and it is impressive for a normal processing passport. What has been your experience? Did you get it earlier?

Did I miss anything? I went to PSK Saligramam in chennai today. Wanted to highlight few things. No direct walkins for Minors. I had 2 months and 1. Fr fee is 45 Rs 4. The best thing you can do is book appointment for 9 AM slot or 9 15 as there wont be any backlogs and entire process completed in 1 Hr and youll get priority from document verification counter.

Minors get S tokens instead of N tokens and they have priority. Anexxure H is different from Annexure D.

Passport Annexure D in Fillable PDF

Having Aadhaar card helps in speeding the process and makes a No Police verification grant. Address passprot my spouse passport was different to mine.

My husband lives abroad. My husband and I have passports with different address. Will just fr my experience. I had also applied for my 8 month old baby passport recently. I am from Mumbai and in my passport address is Mumbai and my daughter was born in Pune and wife address in her passport was pune.

So I live in abroad and my wife applied for my daughter yatkal with Mumbai address they accepted with only child birth certificate and wife passport address and Annexure C with my wife signature. So annexhre did the verification in both places, Mumbai and pune and in hospital she born. So it does not matter if the addresses are different in parents passport Police will anyhow do the verification in all addresses. Your wife needs to carry an affidavit signed s you and stamped from Indian Embassy in Gulf.

Besides that, all other documents you mentioned are good enough. I have applied annexurw r my 8 month old passport but its put on hold as our permanent address and residential address are different and we were not having original rent agreement although pxssport arranged it…so can u please tellme can I go next day between 9 to 11 am with all the documents or do I need to apply for new appointment.

Hi, I m applying passport for my 4 month old baby. And we dont have marriage certificate now. Whether it will create problem to get my baby passport as we both hv different address ahnexure passport? Different address in passports does not matter. I have applied my baby boy passport on 7thMarch from PSK office Gulburga kalburgi status still pending for police verification last 45 days when we will get passport from banglore office I tried called customer no body responding karnatka processing so dealy I hard frinds hyderbad within 15 anneuxre got baby passport.


I would like to apply minor passport for my 2 year boy baby. Now my question is, My kid having Aadhar card with our address but he was born in other state and having Birth certificate with permanent address as same as my passport address. If we apply for my kid passport will that be a problem? Will they go for police verification since my kid born in other state? Or will they amnexure Aadhar card as birth date proof? No, it should not be a problem.

Your kids birth certificate place does not matter. They will ask for Birth certificate and you will need to submit that as proof. In my case my daughter was born in Passpoort and we applied for the passport in Mumbai. Even though we have our names endorsed on each other passport and address also same as Mumbai.

So it all depends on the Lassport officers how they do the verification. Hi, I have applied for my 3months old daughter passport, my husband is abroad so RPO has said that pre-police verification will be initiated as both parents are not present.

Iam also at your position. Iam abroad and my wife applied for our 6 month old daughter. So our daughter born in pune and there she stay for 2 months n then we applied for passport in Mumbai.

So police did the verification and came home at both places mumbai n pune. So in your case u think police will come for visit at ur place. She applied in Tatkal. On the day of appointment, RPO said both parent need to present for Tatkal passport.

However same is nowhere mentioned also call center saying no requirement for both parent. Can he reject like that. As she has to travel again with infant i am worried. Is it documents requirement is at discretion of officer. Gaurav, In general, you would need to passporf to High Commission in Singapore and send an attested Annexure D by them with your wife.

Recently, there seems to be a change on the requirement, but none of us qnnexure got experience, no readers have reported. You could do two things, you can write an email to Passport Office using the form and get it clarified. With this annnexure, your wife can take a print out of the same and show to the RPO that your customer service has said in proof, also, carry the required documents ppassport from website.

You can ask the front desk team at Passport office to confirm the same.