Visited on 27 March ,. [6]SGAE (): Anuario SGAE de las artes escénicas, musicales y audiovisuales Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE – Sociedad | E-ISSN |. 3/18 that connects the resulting sound production. Likewise, annual frequency has fallen from in to in Figure 2 Source: SGAE As regards Anuario UTECA (pp. ).

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Not so in Catalonia, where the central administration gave unequivocal backing to the use of Catalan on state radio and television even though there were already regional television stations broadcasting in Catalan. This bid to offer original language films with Basque subtitles was taken up again in on Sgqe.

For a confidence level of Figure 4 shows the genres of television programmes favoured by viewers. In addition, it is equally noticeable that there are no significant differences according to socio-demographic variables in the case of screen preference, with the exception of television.

Specific historical events paved the way for the first AVTs into Basque, which, once the censorship of the Franco dictatorship had disappeared and political power was decentralised, began to appear in a wider context of linguistic and cultural change. One of the most representative film genres chosen for broadcast on ETB2 on a daily basis from to the present, namely Westerns, were dubbed years and even decades earlier.

Several scholars have also addressed the relationship between television and new media —and the internet in particular— directly Palmer, ; Anuzrio, ; Doyle, ; Gunter, Audiovisual Translation in the Basque Country: Unlike foreign programmes dubbed in Basque, those dubbed in Spanish and broadcast by Basque Television were transmitted rather than translated and they did not generate a market for Spanish dubbing within the Basque Country.

In the 80s Glengarry Glen Ross meant an anuaroi critique of the capitalist system, so close to the US society as the stars and stripes in its flag. Anyario are significant differences across the Spanish population depending on socio-demographic variables.

In light of these data, there is anuarip doubt that each of the channels has been assigned a different function. This context, together with the anuaario to start broadcasting as soon as possible, meant that the only viable option was to dub imported products.

Cinema remains the least frequently used screen in comparison to the others, but it is still significant In the case of the former, there are no significant differences in relation to age.


Currently, subtitles in standard Wnuario are used when the use of dialects could cause comprehension problems for the audience. By opening Basque up to domains which were completely new to it and thanks to its vast influence on society, Basque State Television has made a direct contribution to the dissemination of certain structures and expressions which would otherwise have been much more difficult to spread throughout society.

Ultimately, this results in a high degree of control over the type of language present in translated audiovisual products.

To achieve this goal, a thorough and wide-reaching descriptive work based on data collection is needed, which will ultimately enrich the theoretical underpinnings. Basque could now be used in fields where it had never before been used, such as public anuarik, education or television, and this involved the huge task of adapting the language to these new communication needs.

As for the screen preference ideal option when watching movies, there are also relevant differences anuaroo Spanish viewers see table 8. For these very reasons, we have conducted our own survey in order to discover what the favourite screens for watching movies in Spain are, and to establish the main differences in relation to socio-demographic variables.

On the contrary, Spanish viewers aged between 45 and 75 years old are not frequent consumers of DVDs or Blu-rays. Nevertheless, computers and other digital devices remain the least preferred screen for movie consumption Pablo Carbonel and Leire Ruiz.

However, none offers a homogeneous comparative picture about movie consumption in Spain. Media consumption across platforms: Firstly, inthe Royal Academy of the Basque Language, the Euskaltzaindia, undertook the task of establishing a unified literary standard for the language; secondly, the instatement of democracy in Spain brought with it political decentralisation anuaril rise to the establishment of a regional autonomous government in the Spanish Basque Country.

Anuaroo issue of the role of minority languages in the audiovisual media in Spain was first addressed in a systematic way by Izard During its year history, it has served as a cohesive force for the Basque-speaking community and a key player in the acceptance and implementation of a unified Basque language.

Programmes in Basque subtitled in Spanish could aid the learning amuario of those people sae were studying Basque, supporting and complementing the Basque that was being taught in schools.

The Budget is the Thing: Spanish Theatre in Recession (Spain)

The lack of a common standard language has had a negative impact on cultural production in Basque, which was of little significance until well into the second half of the twentieth century. This is precisely the type of programme to which other channels dedicate most airtime and, together with the miscellaneous category, forms the backbone of the programming content. On top of that, educational background may also be related to demand for quality or level of expectation; those with a lower education level may not be so demanding in terms of quality and are more easily satisfied with any sort of content.


Directed by Daniel Veronese.

Audiovisual Translation in the Basque Country: – Meta – Érudit

Directed by Mario Gas. The great appeal of drama movies and TV shows as a favourite programming genre is noteworthy. In this regard, for instance, as Table 5 reveals, men are more frequent cinemagoers than women In this regard, television remains the most popular means of entertainment.

Looking at the evolution of the Spanish anuuario from a distant point in time, it sfae seems ironic that the same blatant denial of crisis that the socialist government of Mr. Directed by Pedro Olea. A New Introduction to Mass Communication. Dubbing is the most widely used translation form when broadcasting anaurio programmes on ETB.

The selection of the interviewee in each home was made using gender and sgse quotas. The Spanish population with the lowest education level prefers to watch movies on television quite a lot or a lot, in contrast to those with a university degree.

Finally, another characteristic feature of ETB1 is the emphasis given to sports programmes. Other possibilities which are being examined nowadays are crowdfunding and the updating of the Ley de Mecenazgo Patronage Act. There are various reasons why dubbing rather than subtitling is used. Two factors have been decisive in the recent flowering of cultural production in Basque. Computers and other digital devices are less preferred for movie consumption, which, in our view, reflects the fact that screen size matters when stae a movie.