Cinnafilm and ARRI announce collaboratively that ARRI will be providing Relativity Texture Control software (version x) solutions to its. “ARRI Relativity is a ‘Swiss army knife’ for format conversions and restoration and the first marketable software suite to build on our Pixel. When Arri’s scanning and telecine software Relativity was announced last year, the industry was hugely impressed with the de-graining and.

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ARRI Unveils Cinnafilm Software at Fotokem

Forum Red Digital Cinema Recon. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

You may have to register before you can post: To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Arri Alexa and Mysterium-X Page 32 of First Last Jump to page: Results to of Originally Posted by Rob Ruffo.

World’s first side-by-side ARRI ALEXA and RED MysteriumX camera test | Animation World Network

Producers who like to keep their wallets closed always talk to me about Blair Witch. There are a limited number of stories that would lend themselves to this kind of justification for low production value. Paranormal Activity, again, has relattivity concept tied directly to the type of low-end look it has. Now imagine Titanic shot like Blair Witch. You are naive indeed if you believe that B.

Many shows sell in part because they look nice, and many British and Canadian shows shot with little money struggle in relativiy part because of how drab they look.


Even on PBS – Imagine Rick Steve’s Europe shot on a 5D with rippling moire and lots of extra macroblocking over what the cable compression already suffers. I’m not sure that panoramic view of Prague would be as fun to watch, and I don’t think that’s relztivity me.

What we do as cinematographers is appreciated by large segments of the market. Relarivity are a key component of why people turn up at the movies and the home TV screen. Originally Posted by David Rasberry. High quality cinematography may not always be fully appreciated by an audience, but its absence will send them elsewhere if it detracts from the program.

What are the arguments for Alexa over Epic? I was asked about Alexa by someone that seems to think anything Red is a bad idea, but I got no specifics. I don’t get it.

ARRI Taps Abel as Authorized Reseller for ALEXA Camera | Company News | News | AbelCine

Did they announce higher DR? Are people simply expecting higher DR because of a later development start newer tech? Are some people are expecting Red Relatiivity body related issues to remain with the second Red generation? Or is it just the familiar and reliable Arri name? I for one have blind faith in Red’s second generation, and say so even at the risk of being labeled a fan-boy.

But I should disclaim my logic: Jim relativitt he needs absolute reliability this time around or people will never accept Red into rleativity big leagues.

Writer – Director Crowing Lakes. I think movies are like restaurants. Some people will put up will mediocre food if the ambiance is really special ever been to a seaside table in Cannes, or any panoramic view restaurant?


Some food types simple, “down home” lend themselves more to high ugly decor tolerance than relativtiy. Sushi is just not sexy when served in a dive. However, if you have great ambiance AND great food, expect line-ups year-round.

ARRI and Colorfront launch On-Set Dailies

Originally Posted by Roberto Lequeux. Last edited by Steve Das; at Originally Posted by Steve Das. Some people have said they like the Alexa color better. And probably would be the only reason to go with Arri Dynamic range aeri, after all, the measurement between well saturation photosite blowout and noise floor.

Originally Posted by Sanjin Jukic. This NAB will show that the image look is a “key reativity of new digital revolution. Or if you can’t offer a diverse film stocks look LUTs almost out of the box from a digital camera than you should be soon out of the game. We agree with you and have something for you at NAB Tropicana Just a quick note here for the record, neither our company nor our technology Pixel Strings were acquired perse by ARRI, they are in fact our reseller and the software works its GPU magic brilliantly on any image source film scans to heritage video.

Looking forward to NAB All times are GMT The time now is Links monetized by VigLink.