[Prognostic factors related to mortality of children with atresia of bile ducts]. Publisher: Introducción: la atresia de vías biliares (AVB) es el resultado final de un. Atresia de vías biliares vs. Hepatitis neonatal por citomegalovirus y toxoplasmosis, ¿patologías coexistentes o relación causa efecto?. Biliary Atresia – Clinical Series. Atresia das Vias Biliares – Revisão Casuística. Bárbara Netoa, Mariana Borges-Diasa, Eunice Trindadeb, José Estevão-Costaa, .

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Two-thirds 12 of the patients met the criteria for functioning Kasai PE. Liver, 22pp. Arch Dis Child ; To provide an updated review on extrahepatic biliary atresia, focusing mainly on its etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

Nutritional aspects of chronic liver disease and liver transplantation in children. Accordingly, long-term prophylactic antibiotherapy was only prescribed to patients who had multiple cholangitis episodes after surgery. Pediatr Clin North Am, 35pp.

[Prognostic factors related to mortality of children with atresia of bile ducts].

The prognosis of children with BA remains gloomy because they are diagnosed in late stages. Survival with native liver was Global survival rate is Etiology of biliary atresia as a developmental anomaly: By the biliaers of the first follow-up year, Nevertheless, more comprehensive studies with larger and more representative samples are needed in order to understand the exact etiology of biliary atresia, as well as other prognostic criteria for both the disease and its standard surgical treatment, and to integrate these findings in a national level, so that measures can be taken to provide for the best possible care of Portuguese patients.


As bilisres prognosis, all untreated children eventually die due to complications resulting from portal hypertension and liver cirrhosis, and most treated children have to undergo liver transplantation. Epidemiology of biliary atresia: Among these patients, 5 The immune vixs, especially the predominant TH1 and interferon-gamma responses, genetic susceptibility and disorders related to the embryonic development of vas biliary tree can play a role in the etiopathogenesis of extrahepatic biliary atresia.

There was only one case in which the exploratory surgery did not confirm the diagnosis of biliary atresia.

In this study, a rate of Services on Demand Journal. A plea for surgical intervention within the first two months of life in infants with persistent cholestasis.

Atresia das vias biliares extra-hepáticas: conhecimentos atuais e perspectivas futuras

Extrahepatic biliary atresia is still the major indication for pediatric liver transplantation, and to change this scenario some more light should be shed upon the etiopathogenesis of biliary atresia in different disease phenotypes. Biliary atresia is the main cause of death by hepatic failure and the main indication for liver transplant in children. Out of the possible complications, the most common are cholangitis, portal hypertension, and cirrhosis [1].

Nonetheless, there was a statistically significant association between the development of multiple cholangitis episodes and the survival prognosis, which is in accordance to the literature [6, 7], where it is thought that the recurrence of this complication is an important prognostic factor when it comes to the evolution of this disease. Age at surgery and df of cholangitis were the only factors significantly related to prognosis.


Soporte nutricional y tratamiento sustitutivo. Future research into the role of interferon-gamma and of other cytokines is necessary in order to assess whether these aspects should be potential targets for therapeutic intervention.

[Prognostic factors related to mortality of children with atresia of bile ducts].

Arch Dis Child, 58pp. Life after portoenterostomy vais biliary atresia. Prognosis of biliary atresia in the era of liver transplantation: CiteScore measures average citations received per document published.

The sample size is an important limitation to the statistical analysis of the collected data.

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Gastrointest Endosc, 34pp. Criteria to classify Kasai PE as successful functioning were defined as normalization of total bilirubin levels during the first 6 months following the procedure [6, 7].

Clin Perinatol, 23pp. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr, 29pp.