Beyond the Highland Mist (Highlander, Book 1) [Karen Marie Moning] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He would sell his warrior soul to. Beyond the Highland Mist. Karen Marie Moning, Author Dell Publishing Company $ (p) ISBN Beyond the Highland Mist This one was intense! The romantic despair was off the charts, and scorching hot. While some might find it to be a bit.

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It comes with the genre. Captured by the Highlander.

And I was so bored. Then she drinks the afrodisiac and becomes horny as hell. I didn’t think so. Maybe it is because she has long golden hair and highlaand tiny waist, with a perfect ‘bosom’.

View all 15 comments. Never Seduce a Scot: View mqrie 17 comments. Coerced into a marriage with Hawk, Adrienne vowed to keep him at arm’s length—but his sweet seduction played havoc with her resolve. It’s like putting your hand in the fire expecting to get burned. A Court of Mist and Fury.

Beyond the Highland Mist — All About Romance

Fairiesyou say? He would sell his warrior soul to possess her View all highlane comments. This book is fun! I thought thank god I read the Fever series before this or I would have never picked it up and would have mocked anyone who recommended it to me.

They’ve all got cell phones stuck to their ears ebyond yet I’ve never seen such distance between people trying so hard to be close. Yeah, I will read more, for smut and laughs if nothing else: View all 16 comments. This happened countless times! Oct 19, ilknur a. No byeond writes fairy drama like Moning and they play an important role in this book. Her new unbelievably handsome husband, who has a very chiseled jaw line, and hard as wood abs, falls instantly in love with her, not only because of her astonishing beauty but also because she says no to him no woman has ever done this before.


In such a strange location? Twentieth Century – Adrienne de Kare has had enough with beautiful men.

Beyond the Highland Mist

The Fever Series 7-Book Bundle. So what we have here is a wonderful story of a love that span the ages. How to write a great review. Phil Gigante makes everything interesting, the first half was absolutely amazing and I would’ve given it 5 stars if the main woman wasn’t such a moron, but oh well it can’t be perfect.

It would hurt a lot.

No woman could refuse his touch, but no woman ever stirred his heart—until a highalnd fairy tumbled Adrienne de Simone out of modern-day Seattle and into medieval Scotland. The plot here is nothing new in the romance novel genre world. My friend Kate did enjoy the book so you should check out her reviewit might convince you to give this a try!

Determined to not lose his bride to a blacksmith, Hawk sets out to seduce her only to find his every plan thwarted by the not so easily won Adrienne.

In Bed with a Highlander. Between a rock and a very hard place. Time travel does not exist but her eyes do not deceive her because the proof is there. Yes, that’s the reason. Coerced into a marriage with Hawk, Adrienne vowed to keep him at arm’s length—but his sweet seduction played havoc with her resolve. I knew this was much more on the paranormal romance side, yet I did not expect it marir be bordering on erotica.


Mommy’s Reading rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are lots of nice girls out there who would give you those babies you want and wouldn’t hurt you so! This was my hifhland book by this author and I definitely do not plan to continue reading this series. Don’t be put off, seriously it’s quite enjoyable in a way that makes you feel dirty for enjoying it, haha. Yes No Thanks for your feedback!

OK I get her, hate the ex. She has the ability to weave kaeen and fantastical elements into her settings that still make them appear authentic. Just stating the facts.

Highlander Series | Karen Marie MoningKaren Marie Moning

Grab the audiobooks of this series!!! I lost confidence in Hawk the hero of the novel somewhere in the middle but he managed to win it back again towards the end.

Books are doors to endless adventure.