The Physiology of Taste; Or, Transcendental Gastronomy by Brillat-Savarin. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Brillat Savarin (Anthelme) Counsel of the Court of Cassation, member of the Legion of Honor, member of the Society for the Encouragement of National Industry. Finished reading [The Physiology of Taste] by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. What a delightful book! I feel like I’ve been enjoying the company of the character .

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The Physiology of Taste: Or, Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy

Books by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. It’s more like Abelard and Heloise at this phyisology, or a romance written in epistolary form. And only in France would a chef kill himself over a culinary failure: This edition, though, is wonderful.

Bary rated thd it was amazing Recommends it for: And while some of his theories seem absurd now– a universal conveyance of flavor called osmazone, the skull structure of the probable glutton– they absolutely reflect the spirit brjllat the era, and its passion for categorization and classification.

Between them, two writers effectively founded the whole genre of the gastronomic essay. Brillat-Savarin, who spent his days eating through the famed food capital of Dijon, lent a shrewd, exuberant, and comically witty voice to culinary matters that still resonate today: Nov 03, Timothy Ball rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book changed my relationship to food and pleasure and sensual pleasure. It seems as if he speaks from deep inside the mind of a chef.

Never let your yhe become hungry.

Worth reading just for physiplogy MFK Fisher notes. Brillat-Savarin, as a man of the Enlightenment, was interested in formulating a theory of gastronomy that also allowed for ramblings and musings about sleep, dreams, death, medicine Here, you might think, is a book about food, but to say that is to miss the point entirely.


The Physiology of Taste. He’s quite a writer and has hhe of interesting phrases. And for being completely wrong on Osmazone.

Vatel in and the 1 at Relais de Porquerolles, inafter losing stars in the Mic Cooking, the French believe, can lead to diplomatic success. Each chapter was a joyful new world of unheard-of creativity and adventure. Inat the opening of the French Revolution, he was s Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarina French lawyer and politician, and gained fame as an epicure and gastronome.

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin – Wikipedia

However, those hoping for a clear and helpful discussion of food culture in 19th century France will probably be disappointed. These readers may continue to come to “The Physiology of Taste” out of interest in Brillot-Savarin himself. Aug 15, Amy M rated it really liked it.

It’s a rambling savafin of ideas, and essays, 19th-century science and pseudoscience, and anecdotes, and moral lessons in the guise of conversation. This attitude was part of what irritated me—Brillot-Savarin comes off as rather vain. The second of the chief causes of obesity is the floury and starchy substances which man makes the prime ingredients of his daily nourishment. So far, this book has been witty in that way that words themselves used to have wit.

Dallas published his book under the pseudonym of A. View all 9 comments.

The physiology of taste, by Brillat-Savarin

He’s funny at times, in a pf sort of way, and there are plenty of good, if pointless, quotes in here – but useful information? In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. He recommended meats, root vegetables, cabbage and fruit. Paperbackpages.


The Physiology of Taste

There were many times that I laughed out loud at some of Brillat-Savarin’s characterizations, but there are also some cautionary tales like the young girl on the vinegar diet that are disturbing and educational. I ordered a copy of it only because the one I had used previously was somehow mislaid or lent to someone who failed to return it. I’m either too hungry or not hungry enough to write a proper review.

For a time he was first violin in the Park Theater in New York. Use the best ingredients you can always, and especially when you have guests over. Nov 17, E. How civilized can you get?

We are fascinated by trivia, especially celebrity nunsense, but do consider the preferred wine for oysters: Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin French pronunciation: Brillat-Savarin’s charmingly personal and anecdotal style endears him to readers, and along with his recipes for pheasant, Swiss fondue, and other dishes, he offers witty meditations on the senses, the erotic virtue of truffles, the hunting of wild turkeys, Parisian restaurants, the history of cooking, diets, and a hundred other engaging topics.

As we have said already, all animals that live on farinaceous food grow fat willy-nilly; and man is no exception to the universal law.