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Originally, based on the panegyric approach, this panegyric buedha had been done with the aim of praising out the performances and capabilities of the Sinhala kings.

Any one goes to Rajagala today can observe dharmaga Sapthaparni cave with his own eyes, compare it with the description given in the Mahavamsa and understand the truth. But if the intention is to take it from one generation to another, then it is only Buddhism will succeed, but not Buddha Dhamma.

Uththara Vamsa was written on the history of Buddha Dhamma. Most of these songs are based on the virtues of Buddha. You may send this item to up to five recipients.

Many scholars say that the Buddha statue made in India in the initial stage carried the similar features of the statues of god Apollo. This was the sole reason for the division of Nikayas [8].

Buddha Dhamma is the practice of code of virtues which will help to realize Nibbana. There are certain dhagmaya where these same researchers had disclosed certain information about this matter as well. Would you also like to submit dnarmaya review for this item?

Other Buddha Images & Gatha’s

All these Dhagmaya are burrowed and destroyed by the treasure hunters. Buddha statue wearing necklaces, Buddha statue wearing pleated soft clothing, Buddha statues with decorated heads etc are the influences from the concepts of religions of gods.


This inscription engraved in a solid rock is placed next to a Chaitya. This can be seen even to this date. Next to the banyan tree is a deer forest stretching over an area of acres. These Atamasthna had been changed from time to time. Why were these written in our Pirith Potha? Source-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But, the thousands of legendry ruins discovered from this area prove that it had been so rich and glorious in the ancient times.

Later, many other invasions also came from South India. Preview this item Preview this item.

Mary Martin Booksellers- 2 Gesarniya : Buddha Dharmaya – Dhisanayaka, Prem

They were discovered from the regions which came under the ancient kingdom of Kasi and now they are identified as the ruins of Buddhist monasteries.

The whole idea of using this term is to show this relationship that it has Gautama Buddha. Here it splashes out the very best evidence to prove that there had been well developed kingdoms in these areas which were coming under Deva Hela. Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. It is because these sacred relics were enshrined in golden caskets. No anyone genuinely made any attempt to find out the truth.

Buddha dharmaya. (Book, ) []

It can be seen that there had been a Seya of that nature in the past, later it had been destroyed and disappeared. There are locations where the sacred footprint has been placed as a pair and in another place it has been placed as one single sacred footprint.

Remember me on this computer. Today this sacred Bodhi tree cannot be identified as it was dhwrmaya and disappeared by the great jungle.

It is very clear that they had the habit of leaving these ideas thinking that these ideas cannot happen and not possible. This Bodhi tree for which an attempt was made later to take in procession to India had been successful only up to the sacred grounds of Thanthirimalebut not beyond that, and even to this date this offshoot of the Bodhi tree still living there in the sacred grounds of Thanthirimale and people can pay their due respects for it.


What can be seen in all these places is that all these most exclusive creations of solid rocks are made using one common technology and they had spread well across Helabima in the ancient times. The most sacred footprint of Buddha placed in Samanala Peak. These ruins and information discovered are attached to a well developed city and date back to the post -period of the reign of King Devanampiyathissai.

That day, the people in the world learnt Buddha Dhamma from this place called Rajagala. Even though weather patterns are changed now, methods of travelling are different to the ones used in the past, this custom is practiced even to this present day by the member of the Order.

We as genuine Buddhists living in our Helabima should understand this. The route direction to this place and some more information about that had been mentioned in the first place and please read that as well.

Even to this date the ruins of this chamber of the sacred tooth relic can be seen there in Budugala. This point is exactly where the sacred Bodhi tree of Buddah is resided. This book called Uththara Vamsa which carried the information about the Hela Buddhist history had been in use dharmata the Kandyan period, says the author in his book called Raajaawaliya. The objective Dhamma called Buddha Dhamma was taken in that same vehicle.