The basic difference between Spooling and Buffering is that Spooling overlaps the I/O of one job with the execution of another job while the. Spooling, buffering and caching are terms often used interchangeably to describe this type of resource scheduling, although computer science does differentiate. Data from each process is put on the spool (print queue) and processed in FIFO( first in With spooling, the disk is used as a very large buffer.

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With copy anf, the version of data in the buffer is guaranteed to be the version of data at the time of system call irrespective of any subsequent change to data in the buffer.

Difference between Spooling and Buffering in OS – Difference Between

These terms have specific meaning in computer science, but they’re all similar functions. During the composting course of, a buffer turns into useful as a chunk territory the place administration phrases can embed into the data stream. The computer varieties the whole print work proper right into a configuration the printer can deal with and sends it down the serial transport to the printer. The buffer permits every gadget or course of to work with out being held up by the other.

Spooling is more efficient than buffering, as it can overlap processing two jobs at a time.

Once the work has been sent to the spooler, the computer is free to continue with other tasks without waiting for the printer to finish processing. All three may be used at the same time with the aim of speeding up computer processes. What is the main difference between Buffer and queue.? Ebukoro Levy on October 14, at Spooling is an acronym for concurrent fringe operations on the street. Caching is used for high-speed data storage and retrieval, although it may access the reserved buffer space to do so.


Watching video on YouTube comes with the expectation that clicking “Play” will cause the video to begin playing immediately.

A spool is a kind of buffer that holds the jobs for a device till the device is ready to accept the job.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The disk works as the spooling buffer. Spooling waits until the entire operation is done before sending it to the output device or a spoolong, and your likeliest encounter with spooling probably comes from sending a document bufferinb a printer. Buffering increases the performance of the device.

All collectively for a physique to be compelling, the span of the buffer and the calculations for shifting information into and out of the help should be thought-about by the cradle originator. Spooling can also process data at the remote sites. It helps devices to manipulate data before sending or receiving.

What is the Difference Between Spooling and Buffering

Your email address will not be published. And printing process operates seperately. Overall, buffering helps to handle the speed mismatch between producers and consumers of data streams. For example, in situations where a resource such as a bufferlng is shared between users, spooling control the tasks efficiently, placing the work to be printed in the temporary area so the printer can access it in the order it was sent.

Preloading data into a reserved area of memory the buffer. Though we knew the terms but telling the difference was tough.

Difference Between Spooling and Buffering in OS

Without spooling, process would be tied up until the printing finished. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Phillips is a qualified accountant, has lectured in accounting, math, English and information technology and qnd a Bachelor of Arts honors degree in English from the University of Leeds.

In contrast, buffering is the process vuffering storing data temporarily in a memory area while processing other remaining data. Video of the Day.


It allows the user to watch or listen to the media by downloading a portion of the file and playing it while abd to download the rest of the video.

It increases the performance of the system. The overlapping of the enter and output of 1 course of with the calculation of the other course of. Buffering Spooling is great for some sorts of computer tasks, but it’s not appropriate for others. Simultaneous peripheral buffring onlineacronym for this is Spooling.

Spooling, Buffering & Caching—What’s The Difference?? | TechBask

With spooling, the disk is biffering as a very large buffer. This site uses cookies. For example, when using a browser, Web caching saves elements of the page so that next time you visit the page it will load faster.

These terms are not mutually exclusive and their functions are frequently combined but they have intended difference. In other words, it uses a buffer to hold jobs for a device until it is ready to accept the job. You are commenting using your WordPress.

A course of the place the specified space exists that holds all the data on a brief lived basis and helps it to maneuver from one location to the other. With spooling all process can access the resource without waiting. The difference between spooling and buffering is that spooling is the method of storing data temporarily in a memory area so that a device or a program can use it while buffering is the method of storing data temporarily in a memory area while processing other remaining data.

Buffer may be used in between when moving data between two processes within a computer.