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The calibration should take place at the lighting controller or operator workstation via configuration software. Check that any instruments used have calibration certificates that are not commussioning than twelve months old or to manufacturers’ recommendations.

However, in some contractual arrangements, some or all of the control system design work may be performed by the control system contractor. Automatic cowml rystnnr control valves CA1. CIBSE Commissioning Code W represents current standards of good commissioning practice presented in the form of recommendations and guidance which are generally accepted in the building services industry.

Without these, the performance of the control cimmissioning and the building services plant will be compromised. Check whether tight shutoff is required; this is not usually possible with a double seated valve. Commissioning Check that the data transferred between the different manufacturers control products meets the specified functional profiles. Commissioning of buildings and building services is vitally important to the safe and energy efficient operation of buildings but it is not always carried out – or carried out systematically.

CIBSE Commissioning Code W: Water distribution systems (CCW)

Commissionin that the dampers modulate to ensure the minimum outside air flow rate is supplied when the return air temperature is greater than the outside air temperature and commisdioning is required or when the return air temperature is less than the outside air temperature and cooling is required. It is unfortunately common to find sensors, especially those intended for flow and velocity measurement in air handling systems to be placed in positions too close to flow restrictions and changes in duct orientation.


Commiseioning novel control strategies may be required for certain applications their use will often complicate the commissioning process. Portable electricity monitoring devices can be used to determine services related consumption although it is not uncommon to find services and non-services related equipment drawing electrical power from the same circuit.

CIBSE Commissioning Code C_图文_百度文库

Pump flow rate has been adjusted to provide the specified flow rate. Ensure that the rangeability of the co,missioning valves is large enough to provide stable control under low load conditions.

Open the control loop by disconnecting the controller from the controlled device. Provision of suitable gland plates. Ensure that dampers are sized correctly to give adequate authority it is poor practice to choose commissiooning size of a modulating damper based on the duct size.

This should be checked on a point-by-point basis. Control of natural ventilation b Occupancy sensors Check that the zone occupancy sensor is located and orientated correctly i n relation to the occupants. Guidance is commissinoing included covering the commissioning of integrated systems.

The commissioning procedures detailed in section C6 should be followed. Check that the refrigerant circuit is enabled and operates under self-acting control. Adequate access should also be allowed for the checking and removal of sensors and actuators.

CIBSE Commissioning Codes

Login if you are a member or view our membership benefits. Confirm that night cooling is inhibited when the outside air temperature is above the inside commissionijg temperature.

Flow measuring devices are in place and in the correct location for accurate measurement including pressure tappings.

Extra-low voltage The testing of a system, or a grouping of systems, to determine if certain performance criteria are met.

Check for correct pump rotation. Check that data communications are error-free, i. Table 2 Off-site pre-commissioningtasks Pre-commissioningaction Control application software User interface software Control panels Wiring Communicationbus Sensors Actuators Integration gateways Pre-commissioningoff-site Yes final commissioningon-site Yes final commissioning on-site Yes final commissioningon-site No No No No Partial interlocks Check that in principle all interlocks are configured correctly.

Check that any specified third party management software such as energy targeting and monitoring software can retrieve the necessary data from the BMS. This in turn requires adequate attention to commissioning requirements during the design of the system, and a clear specification of requirements. The consultant or equivalent party may wish to witness some or all of these checks at this time depending on the contractualhpecification requirements.


Check that under normal operating conditions the CHW valve is modulated in response to a PI control signal in order to obtain the specified set point. Outstation The control of ventilation rates based on the inference of building occupancy numbers usually metabolic CO.

In some contracts the design of -the control system may be provided directly by the control system contractor.

Refrigerating Systems: CIBSE Commissioning Code R – Terry Welch – Google Books

This should include records of final changedfine tuning updates. Note that under some control strategies the cooling valve may be modulated during optimum start. The Code is equally applicable to new-build and retrofit applications. Interlocks Check that the fan coil unit is disabled with the fan switched off and the dampers positioned to mid position unless otherwise specified by the fan manufacturer and agreed by the designer when the control system signals a shutdown period.

In addition, due to overall project delays the commissioning of the control system is invariably rushed, also some items of plant may not be properly commissioned by the start of commiszioning. The proper commissioning of a control system is crucial to ensure the correct operation of the control system and its associated building services plant.

Check that equipment that requires on-line adjustment and testing by non-electrically qualified personnel is accessible and usable without interrupting the supply or fibse the safety interlocks. Tuning should provide stable operation over the complete operational range commissionkng the building services plant. Wherever commlssioning electrical equipment should be isolated before working using locked-off and local isolators.