Size and obliteration of osteomeatal complex drainage pathways may be .. Participação das variações anatômicas do complexo ostiomeatal na gênese da. La obstrucción del complejo osteomeatal es el factor fisiopatológico desencadenante. El diagnóstico se basa en los hallazgos clínicos y radiológicos. , The Role Of Osteomeatal Complex Anatomical Variants In Chronic Rhinosinusitis [o Papel Das Variantes Anatômicas Do Complexo Ostiomeatal Na .

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Diagnosis and Management of Disorders of the Nose and Sinuses. Am J Rhinol ;3: How to cite this article.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Computerized tomography in the evaluation of anatomic variations of the ostiomeatal complex.

Anatomic variations of the bone in sinonasal CT. The radiographic incidence of chronic sinus disease in the pediatric population.

The impact of functional endoscopic sinus surgery on health status. Imaging of the sinonasal inflammatory disease. Showing the Osteomeatal complex OMC – a The OMC-small compartment located in ossteomeatal region between the middle turbinate and the lateral nasal wall in the middle meatus-represents the key region for the drainage for the maxillary, anterior ethmoid and frontal sinuses. Auris Nasus Larynx ; The ostiomeatal unit and endoscopic surgery: J Clin Diagn Res.


Services on Demand Ostekmeatal.

Anatomical variants of the ostiomeatal complex: tomographic findings in patients

Services on Demand Journal. Indications for surgical correction of the sinusal drainage deal with ostromeatal possibility of an anatomical variant constituting an obstructive factor, ostomeatal at the level of the osteomeatal complex, but there is no reference to objective parameters like anatomical variant dimensions or drainage pathways amplitude as specific indicators 27, Accepted after revision December 14, The nasal septum is an osseocartilagenous wall dividing the nasal cavity into right and left sides.

Two or more types of anatomical variants were observed in Late in its development, the ethmoidal sinus measures on average 36 x 18 x 14 mm length, height and width in measurements performed in MRI studies Tomografia computadorizada, Complexo ostiomeatal, Cavidades paranasais, Anatomia, Drenagem. There was no difference in its prevalence between patients with and without sinusopathy Tables 1 e 2 1,4. The investigation of the structures in the ethmoidal air cells on CT.

In light of the results obtained in our study, it can be concluded that: Conclusion In light of the results obtained in our study, it can be concluded that: CT scan of the paransal sinuses: Some authors propose the hypothesis that anatomical variants may be obstructive factors, predisposing to sinusitis 5.


Surgical anatomy and variations of the onodi cell.

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Its prevalence was of 6. The prevalence is very less as compared to Casiano 10 has defined t h e ostiomeatal c o mp lex as the ethmoid bulla, uncinate process and adjacent spaces and ostia draining the anterior sinuses anterior ethmoid sinus, frontal and maxillary [ Find articles by Anita Aramani. The role of anatomical variants in the chronic or recurrent sinusitis pathogenesis can be evaluated by comparison between anatomical variants prevalence in populations with sinusopathy and prevalence in populations free from sinusal problems.

CT analysis for endoscopic sinus surgery Laryngoscope,pp. The age of the patients in our study varied from 13 to 70 y. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg ; Relationship between anatomic variations of nasal sinus and chronic sinusitis.

Radiol Clin North Am.