I am stringing together a group of modules. We completed Mos Shuuta at the moment are in Crates of Krayts combined with an old. CRATES OF KRAYTS “Who in their right mind would transport even a single krayt dragon across interstellar space?” – Pash, seasoned smuggler. Crates of Krayts begins play shortly after the events of Long Arm of the Hutt. Our HEROES have assisted in the demise of Teemo the Hutt which created a power.

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Your ship IS in the docking bay above.

For God’s Sake, Give Me A Flowchart | Triumph & Despair

Heya, sadly the link to your Tokens and stuff seems to be broken: Basically it’s a nice interlude that has the potential for immersion and roleplay. It is only for the PCs to use during the adventure. But in the same breath, there is no reason for us veterans to abandon visual aids.

Ten Links in the Chain: Vapor Station – once a small community of failing moisture harvesters. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I was wondering what other consequences to come up with.

If you have higher level players you can always consider allowing the PCs to hunt down and capture the Krayt dragons themselves on Tatooine. If aware they may attempt to remove the pearl from the creature. Has anyone run it?


Then just as now, the guy running the game needs an easy to follow visual representation of what parts of the adventure are connected to the others. The players should create their characters, buy equipment. The incubator is old and temperamental. First page is a “cover” for the adventure, since it was stuck at the end of the beta rulebook and didn’t have a proper cover. Nearly all Jedi are dead, the Empire is strong, and the Rebel Alliance has won a major victory.


This should be a challenging encounter. Log in or sign up in seconds. If the robots are brought back on line, they can assist with many of these tasks at the referee’s discression as long as at least one PC is involved in the process. Finish maintenance on and reassemble 4 robots. Characters who find working for the Hutt morally repugnant might go along on the promrse that success will bring them one step closer to removing his krays from their lives.

Notify me of new comments via email. Also, how long is if from Tattooine to Nar Shadaa? Presto, Change-o, he’s now blue. The SF mod I’m using has them performing a bunch of chores around the ship.

The hatch isn’t a military krats door. Other than the bothan, the crew consists of a bunch of shoddy droids, plus two bounty hunters and a doctor they picked up on Tat.

If during the adventure the young Krayt Dragon dies. TT-3PO is blue by the way. The PCs must get the cargo safely back up to their shrp. The Beta Book is no longer available for sale. Aahz November 21st, at 9: Vapor Station lies at the juncture where a narrow.

What was the end condition of the Krayt Dragons?

Either attack draws lf attention of a patrol. Dungeon maps or regional maps are ingrained as part of the process for any Cratws Master worth their salt, right? While this adventure introduces game concepts and rules. Register a new account. We need your help to maintenance this website. Smasu feels the interest he has rn their shrp or venture gives him enough pull to convince other types of characters.


If players ctates new to Legends of the Galaxy then they are just hired to haul this cargo to Nar Shaadaa for Sinasu the Hutt as a way to prove their ability to the Hutt. Any PCs who are Force Sensitive who stand by and allow this to happen would themselves earn 5 Conflict. I will be using that for sure. They rcates down to deliver the crates After arrival or along the way.

A battle ensues in the shop. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Through the mtddle of the platform ts a large shaft that appears to run from the top of the tank to the bottom. Sinasu can always threaten to repossess their ship.

The work is already done, just a bit of typesetting and the approval process and perhaps some new art to sex things up a touch and boom!

The PCs can make an AverageLtfl. View all posts by C. Posted May 6, Every Heist in your Edge of the Empire game needs some sort of flowchart, or else it will not run smoothly.

Fantasy Flight Games

I guess it’s not that old. The players roll to generate the pool of Destiny Points for the session. The pilot’s Obligation Family triggered.