Deadly Deceits has 47 ratings and 7 reviews. Cory said: No surprises that the CIA did what it did. McGehee did a good job in making lots of his activitie. In his book, Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA, McGehee recommends that the CIA be abolished, and a. Deadly Deceits. My 25 years in the CIA. by Ralph McGehee. Ocean Press, (originally published ). Introduction, Gung Ho!, Japan and the Philippines.

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Details of the practices and techniques of a CIA case officer are given. Apart from this, he charted his own course.

McGehee deceuts that he was “having a difficult time justifying my previously idealistic view of the Agency. Both committees had faulted the CIA for its handling of specific covert operations, and for several intelligence failures. McGehee gives an example. Also started were village networks for community support and for ongoing intelligence sources. McGehee came across an ambitious CIA case officer who guarded his field data in a locked file room. McGehee, as an advocate of reform, has been invited to speak at political events, eeadly, and at colleges and universities.

He called it paper pushing. Asking for a halt of the actions, he sent a letter to the president of the United States, the director of the CIA, and his town council, documenting many of the incidents.

Yet the “germ of truth” in each gave it verisimilitude. The CIA had great difficulty recruiting agents for espionage activity on the mainland. The CIA got bad press. Another CIA agent, however, who McGehee thought an “incompetent flake” later gained advancement because of his loyalty to the station chief. Yet very soon McGehee required back surgery.


The CIA’s tactics did delay publication. The rewrites told a story about mainland China that Taiwan wanted to spread. Wells [] presented the medal to him. McGehee arrived at headquarters still mystified by the surprising and unexplained decision, which must have been made by Colbyto terminate the Survey deqdly.

Government agents, however, could not confirm the data so sourced, nor ask follow-up questions. The politician sought “financial support” deaadly return for current political information. It begins with a sharp attack on the Agency he came to know by his 25 years on the job, and by his later research.

Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA – Ralph W. McGehee – Google Books

He arrived at the view that CIA operations in many cases damage the people affected, and overall results are often negative for America, our allies, or the world. McGehee proposed to develop a “pilot project” and to first concentrate on one district. McGehee naturally expected some appreciation from Colby and interest in furthering the Survey work. Mary rated it it was ok Jul 19, By fortunate coincidence the arrests also brought in Van Khien, an officer at North Vietnam military intelligence.

Also given a fictitious name, the deputy had acquired a bad reputation bullying, manipulation, grudge holding. McGehee hid his harsh criticism and contempt, figuring that a cocktail party was the wrong forum, and that surely Colby already knew what McGehee wanted to say.

Ralph McGehee felt he had hit his stride, defeits was reaching new levels of professional skill and acumen. Colby probably terminated the Survey work in the Thailand countryside because it would create unwanted difficulties for the war effort in Vietnam.


Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA

Sarit died in office in The dispute became somewhat notorious. The plum job in Taiwan, that had been dangled before him, proved to be a ruse deadlg get him out of the way; upon his arrival at the Langley, it was already cancelled.

After qualifying for home leave after six months, his wife listened only so long to his repetitive monologue. He married Norma Galbreath in By persistence he eventually got around CIA objections, yet: It shapes its intelligence, even in such critical areas as Decekts nuclear weapon capability, to support presidential policy. Nortonlater stated: Eventually McGehee was placed as the Far East Division’s “referent” representative to the ‘international communism branch’ ICB of the Directorate’s notorious ‘ counterintelligence staff’.

It is as true today as it was then. When he left after he was a shattered and disillusioned individual. Now in the downtown he was unpleasantly surprised by Tu Do Street, where “an atmosphere of hate permeated the air” like “the clouds of [vehicle] exhaust”.

So McGehee concluded years later. Otherwise, I very much wanted to say, ‘Take your medal and shove it. Deceirs are no discussion topics on this book yet.