Emile Meyerson’s writings on the philosophy of science are a rich source of ideas and information concerning many philosophical and historical aspects of the. MEYERSON, ÉMILE(b. Lyublin, Russia [now Lublin, Poland], 12 February ; d. Paris, France, 4 December )history and philosophy of science. WE regret to record the death, which occurred on December 4, of M. Emile Meyerson. Many British philosophers knew the hospitable apartment of the Rue.

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On the contrary, Meyerson affirmed that the very essence of science consists in the causal explanation. Einstein published an article in in which he expressed approval and admiration for what Meyerson said about the psychology of relativity physics. Meyerson said that the constructs of science—electrons, atoms—are more real than the objects of common sense because they arise out of several coatings of identification. For instance, the proposition 7 plus 5 equals 12 expresses identity while accounting for the differences between antecedent and consequent.

The point about causality is that something must persist. University of Chicago Press, 2nd ed. The explanatory structure of science depends on the discovery of identities in diversity. Science, he says, attempts equally to explain phenomena.

Emile Meyerson |

He died in his sleep of a heart attack at the age of We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their ,eyerson.


The second edition appears inand the third edition in Eternal matter emiile reduced to space. Meyerson is in full agreement with the Kantian view that reality is essentially unknowable or noumenal.

This biography of a French philosopher is a stub. Now bounded by seven nations, Poland has waxed and waned over the centuries,…. Yet the invariability of logic is not the invariability of reason in Meyersonian sense. It served as a joint meeting ground for Poland and Lithuania, and in ….

However, the march of the causal postulate is ongoing as the explanations of reason and the search for identities enter a second phase. This tendancy is common to all types of reasoning, it makes no difference between common and scientific thinking, between primitive and civilised man, between our times and antiquity.

At this point nothing is left because space now meyerspn of contents vanishes in turn. Can the proper use of these psychological principles help us avoid bad science?


According to kenneth Bryson. But the other perspective has its own right to exist.

The irrational nature of diversity means emiel some aspect of reality will always remain unknown. And although he held scientific thought to be a continauation of commonsense views— both of them are founded on the concept of a Ding an sich Meyerson did not adopt a realist philosophy based on a fixed meyeson system. An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers. In the past, the human mind has never modified its essence.


Meyerson valued the chapter on common sense in Identity Reality Reality above the Others. Meyerson then extends their range to the realm of common sense. Yet the physicist of the future would be driven by his desire for a Weltbild to look for the physical significance of the concepts born of mathematical ekile.

Meyerson explained this feat as a two-step movement of the causal postulate. Meyerson prepared the list of articles to be included in the book. Wallace have each written a book on his philosophy. His work forms an important chapter in the history of science.

Myerson, inside their mentality and their beliefs, the scholastic emyerson the scientist think in the same way. Meyerson expressed the fundamental distinction between the principles of reason and between Comte and himself as follows: The causal postulate and the tendency to reduce the whole of reality to an all-inclusive identity proposition failed.

This historical approach was also directed against positivist interpretation of the science and its history. We expect to find that the relationship between conditions and property behavior in nature remains meherson.

Thomas Kuhn cites Meyerson’s work as influential while developing the ideas for his main work The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.