Title, Endodoncia: principios y práctica. Authors, Richard E. Walton, Mahmoud Torabinejad. Edition, 2. Publisher, Interamericana-McGraw Hill, principios y práctica, 4a ed. Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed. Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed. By Mahmoud Torabinejad, Richard E. Walton. Endodoncia: principios y práctica by Richard E Walton. Endodoncia: principios y práctica. by Richard E Walton; Mahmoud Torabinejad. Print book: Document.

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Reliability of electronic apex locator to determine the working length under moisture conditions. Use practiac restorative materials such as Mineral Trioxide Aggregate MTA offer better prognosis in perforations treatments.

The best moment to repair root perforations is immediately upon occurrence, so as to reduce as much as possible infection at the perforation site. When carrying out surgery for guttapercha cone extraction and perforations sealing, the steps are as follows: Principioz of an electronic apex locator on a cardiac pacemaker patient.


Kaufmann considers it a reliable instrument and essential factor for treatment success. Localizadores apicales en endodoncia. Comparison of concentric condensation technique with laterally condensed gutta–percha J Endodon ; We observe a clear improvement from the moment of initial treatment, and, 15 months after surgery we encounter good regeneration of endodoncja bone defect as well as sealing of both perforations Figure 6.


Walton RE, Torabinejad M. In cases when the patient is not under anesthesia he experiences a strong periodontal pain.

International Journal of Dentistry

Clinically, we can observe the restored tooth with a full crown free of metal, healthy gums, and when probing the middlevestibular third, we find 4 mm. Analy-sis of the forces developed during obturation: Avoid use of rotary instruments. After three months, a control X-ray is taken.

Reliability of different electronic apex locator to detect root perforations in vitro. How to cite this article. As a response to periapical sensitivity tests, to palpation, to vertical and horizontal percussion, a positive response is elicited, with grade 1 mobility.

Jenkins W, Schindler F.

In narrow canals be careful with the passage of instruments from 25 to 30, which could foster a perforation. Nevertheless, the source is very often iatrogenic, as a result of an excessive use of the dental burr in the pulp chamber. Benefits are always for the patient, who must receive the best possible treatment. Oral Surg ; Readings show a working time shorter than the original work time length; this indicates a perforation.


Lasala A Princiipos 4a. In drilling procedures, time is of the essence. A clinical evaluation of endocater. Fussop cit. La radiovisio-grafia en endodoncia.

Torabinejad – Endodoncia. Principios y práctica + DVD-ROM

For the distal canal a file 50 was used. While undertaking endodontic procedures, setback can occur.

Accuracy of an electronic apex locator: Treatment plan consisted in coronary or orthographic removal of the guttapercha present in the furcation after that, canals were retreated, the perforation was sealed with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate MTA.

Mesiolingual guttapercha ML is extracted exclusively through a coronary approach, with a K type file, mesial canals are located with the help of an walfon microscope, and perforations are temporary sealed with cavit. After 12 months, radiographically, the repair of the defect is almost complete. In these cases a proper temporal seal should be established to avoid bacterial passage.