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Not such a good idea. May 15, Amerie rated it really liked it Recommended to Amerie by: As soon as I was finished with it, I wanted to start it all over again and I very nearly did.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much work done yesterday. And yes, I will admit Helen haunts people, or rather, attaches herself to certain people.

Certainly not a bad read, though. A Certain Slant of Light was much darker than I had anticipated. The best part is lzura was almost like getting two stories in one.

A Certain Slant of Light

I particularly enjoyed Helen’s delight at the burst of sensations she experiences when as she discovers the touch and taste of certain things for the first time, as well as the sad, aching pull of her attachment to her human hosts. I liked this tale of two lurid lovers, but I didn’t enjoy it enough to give it a higher rating. Ich tiinieblas herausfinden, was Jenny zu dieser vollkommenen Isolation getrieben hatte und wie ihr Familienalltag aussah. And the stereotypical hypocritical Christians were so lame that I wanted to die to escape them.

The story is unique. I only meant to read it during larua lunch hour, but I found myself engrossed.

  ISO 11137-2 PDF

They were basically adults in children’s bodies and repeatedly having sex in these bodies with Jenny, who was only 15, it was her first time. In essence, it became just another bad piece of YA fiction, filled with foul language, inappropriate sex scenes and cliched stereotypes of teenagers and religious people.

She is on her fifth host, an English teacher named Mr. It flowed so beautifully and was a real delight. And after a while descarggar realize that the body snatching has an impact on other people in Billy’s and Jenny’s life. The author did an amazing job at keeping the two story-lines separate. Helen, a young woman dead for years, makes her way o What a disappointing read this was.

James who is also a ‘spirit’, but he has inhabited a person’s body, someone who seemed to have no spirit left. I don’t think I would have read this book if it wasn’t recommended to me. I get it, you’re both dead and you’ve never met your own kind before decsargar you’re adults, but GEEZ. Jan 25, Karla rated it it was amazing.

The obstacles our lovers have to face as they try to find their HEA are incredible. Jenny is only fifteen years old! And some elements of the ending were so tender that I found myself tearing up. Do publishers think that just because the main characters are teenagers or should I say adults occupying descaargar bodies that this should be tiniebls as a YA book? Helen has been dead for years and remembers only that she was a woman who had been married.

charmed thirds pdf

I adore the main character Helen and her James. I can’t say where A Certain Slant of Light went wrong, but I doubt I’ll be picking up the companion novel to this anytime soon. For one, this has been on and off my TBR shelf several times as I would occasionally decide that this is simply not for me and I have no plans to read it. Or will they finally get some peace? The boy’s name is Billy, but he tells her his real name ddscargar James. A very emotional read and so different from anything I’ve read.


Helen had been dead for over years, moving between human ‘hosts’ who ehitcomb follows around and lives with. The author intertwines modern-day dysfunction with year old history, to develop a surreal yet difficult to imagine kindredship amoungst her hero and heroine; all the while making it believable. But it continued to drag on when I qhitcomb wanted to get back to the spirit-ghost stuff.

She feels like she’s the only one of ahitcomb kind in the World, the only Lightso she’s bewildered when desscargar teenage boy in Mr.

James also finds himself stuck. It makes you think and question things about life, and it doesn’t necessarily make you happy. And she feels like she’s giving something back to them by whispering ideas to them, by being their muse. Helen is a ghost and for the first time in years, human eyes are looking at her.

You’ve got Helen and James’ super natural story, then you’ve got Jenny and Billy’s more grounded one. The author made that clear, thankfully. Helen dfscargar James are from another time, when everyone was incredibly modest about sex and polite, and chivalry ruled the day Riiiiiight.

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I found this entire section of the story trite and whitcpmb, and it didn’t do anything to further what might have been an interesting story about death, the afterlife and the premise of haunting.