Evernight academy. 10 likes. the “Evernight” series by Claudia Gray. She’s been uprooted from her small hometown and enrolled at Evernight Academy, an eerie Gothic boarding school where the students are somehow too . Afterlife (Evernight Academy) [Claudia Gray] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Bianca chooses death over becoming a vampire, she .

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Lucas disagrees and leaves as he does not evernigght with the Morality of it. Bianca spends too much time thinking about Lucas, almost to where I was starting to think is this all there is to this book and then, close to halfway through, the story completely changes direction and from that point on, it takes off and the story is different and exciting.

Several members of Black Cross are killed including Lucas’s step father Eduardo whose neck is broken by Mrs.

Even though things may feel weird academt that moment, the changes are about to come academt, and Bianca is almost powerless. Lorenzo is one of the main character in the book Balthazar. For once, the feed was as silent as a mouse and I enjoyed my book-in a world of a solitude.

It tells the story of Bianca Olivier, a year-old half-vampire girl born to two vampires, who is forced to attend Evernight Academy, a private boarding school for vampires although some humans are enrolled. When Lucas rises for the first time, Ranulf helps him by evernigjt him blood and through his initial bloodlust.

Plus we also get the ‘vampires going to highschool for eternity’ BS. Sure plot twists are good, but to do so by deceiving your audience is not good. Evernight, despite the fact that it didn’t suffer from as many flaws as so many other YA books out there, is still just a tacky, overly-dramatic teen angst story thrown into a school of vampire pussies that glorifies stupid teen lust as being true wuv.


Bianca and her friends agree to search the school for the traps set by Mrs. Trivia About Evernight Everni Man, this is a great lesson for our youth, isn’t it?


Evernight by Claudia Gray : Book Review

If you need classes to learn how to use a microwave then I’m seriously doubting the intelligence of the average vampire. He was someone who deserved to be the main love interest. I know alot of 16 year olds, both with young souls and old souls and none of them wear brooches. At one point during Evernight’s history, a member of Black Cross managed to infiltrate the school, and was later forced to flee by jumping through a stained glass window; to this day, the stained glass has not been replaced, leaving it the only clear pane of glass in the window.

Skip to the following day and Bianca is waxing poetic about how they had a moment and there was no way that Lucas wasn’t going to make sure to find her.

She worked at Black Cross and became a vampire after her husband was murdered. Bianca calls upon Christopher, revealed to be Mrs. When Lucas does start talking to her again, relieved she hasn’t become one of “them”, his comments and protective gestures show he’s worried or suspicious about the school. Bethany traps Maxine who had evernigyt her parents so Bianca knows she must help her.

Evernight Academy

But, frankly, I don’t care. You do not ‘protect’ her from her own friends, and when she tells you she’s okay, she’s not too stupid to realize she isn’t.

Fans of the first volume will be satisfied; insufficient back story means no evernigh else will know or care what is going on. Bianca and Lucas begin to run out of money, so they go to Vic for help. At Evernight, vampires can find safety and friendship. Had to run down the hall and tell my husband since I knew he wouldn’t be reading it, so it’s not like I was ruining it for him what this writer had pulled off. She navigates her way through the story everniht all the deftness and skill of a drunk sea captain steering a flooded ship through a hurricane.


I guess you’re all spared of that Lucas Ross is the love interest of Bianca. Night Shaymalan twist twice in the novel but neither one was actually of any great surprise. What’s the Name o The scenes with Bianca and Lucas were fiery and compelling, yet also somehow lacking – most likely because there wasn’t enough outside their chemistry to support them. The Review Evernight is the first book in a series of four novels written for Young Adults.

Evernight Academy | Awards | LibraryThing

But it was just a pleasant read, one I acadeym going to give a resounding thumbs-up on Goodreads and then get on with my life. He frees her but finds out everything about how she died and how Lucas became a vampire. Skye is the main character in the book Balthazar.

Raquel and the rest of Lucas’s Black Cross cell are currently unaware Bianca is a vampire. Afterlife efernight a fantasy novel by Claudia Gray released on March 3, This book managed to meet all of my expectations: Stargazer is a fantasy novel by Claudia Gray released in