This calibration manual focuses on performance verification and calibration of the Fluke. A and A Digital Multimeters (hereafter referred to as the. The Fluke A & A digit precision multimeters have the accuracy & versatility to handle your most demanding measurements, on the bench or in a. Manual/User Manual on CD-ROM, FVF-BASIC. FlukeView Forms Software Basic Version. Ordering Information. Fluke A. Digit Precision. Multimeter.

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First verify that the line voltage selection is set to the correct position, and then that the correct fuse for mznual line voltage is installed.

You can also use the A and A to measure frequency and period. Static discharge municipal waste. If the Meter appears damaged or something is missing, contact both the carrier and Fluke immediately.

To store the present Meter configuration in one of the first four memory locations, press the appropriate soft key. Display Panel For the A, the lower four keys select different functions; see inset.

To perform a continuity test: Recycle Double insulated Do not dispose of this product as unsorted Static awareness. This manual also for: Turn the Meter off, unplug the power cord from the Meter, and remove all test leads. To view the versions and serial number: Use only Fluke fuses Input Lo and ma or 10A connectors.


Page 95 Appendices Errors Incorrect packet size from inguard Info packet rec’d; link not active Inguard Calibration Constant write failed Inguard not responding recv Inguard not responding send INITiate received but was ignored Instrument configuration load fluje Instrument configuration store failed Insufficient memory Invalid dimensions in a channel list Invalid parameter Invalid parameter Previously laid down plot marks are adjusted down in size proportionally to the new vertical axis.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. An example of the capacitance display is shown below.


Log live readings while connected to a PC or store, display and share readings in interactive forms, graphs and tables. Basic Electronic Test Lead Set.

Continuity testing determines whether a circuit is intact i. Safety Information XW Warning To avoid possible electric shock, personal injury, or death, read the following before using the Meter: This chapter explains the function and use of the controls and indicators located on the front and rear panels of the Meter. Introduction Front-Panel Operation Introduction Introduction The Meter can be controlled either by sending commands through one of its communication interfaces or by manually operating its front panel controls.

Digit Multimeter | DMM | Fluke A & A

Press the MORE soft key. The copy process will take several seconds. La resistenza a 2×4 fili semplifica le misure di precisione Italian Introduction and Specifications Electrical Specifications Resistance Specifications are for 4-wire resistance function, 2 x 4-wire resistance, manjal 2-wire resistance with zero. These triggers are continuous and occur as fast manjal the configuration will allow. Appendix B Errors Introduction Listed below are the error messages the Meter uses to indicate a problem.


It contains all of the information a new user will need to operate the Meter effectively.

Fluke 8845A User Manual

Multiple connectors give you maximum flexibility Choose from several interfaces to connect the A or A to fluuke personal computer: A 3-pole analog filter for improving noise immunity. The Fluke A and A 6.

In addition, the length of the TrendPlot session is displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds hh: Ac Current [2] Available at front panel connectors only [3] mA available in software version 2. Bail Adjustment and Removal Introduction Carefully unpack the Meter from its shipping container and inspect the contents for damaged or missing items. Ac Voltage Specifications 0.

All measurements use the Input LO connector as a common input. Also increases or decreases the range when in manual ranging mode. We’d like your feedback. In addition, the A measures temperature and capacitance.