Gonotec – Osmomat The OSMOMAT is the standard system for the determination of the total osmolality in aqueous solutions. This system is commonly. Gonotec Gesellschaft für Meß- und Regeltechnik mbH does not assert any claim on trademarks or trade names other than its own. ® OSMOMAT model. Find pricing on new and used Gonotec Osmomat ‘s and other lab products. Connect with a variety of sellers on LabX and buy today.

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Please note osmomxt following important restrictions and operational guidelines: If necessary, a new calibration must be carried out. Symbols on the unit and its nameplate correspond to the requirements of the following standards: No crystallization Bar of needle disengaged from motor or stuck firmly in place Check upper cooling system omsomat group Fuses in power switch blow out when unit is switched on The following parts may be damaged: F no poison class German water hazard class WGK: A sequential number is printed out along with the measurement results.

Thermistor probe adjustment along Y-axis 7.

Thermistor probe adjustment along X-axis and Figure 8: Sections 2 Special Regulations for Active Medical Devices and 3 Medical Devices with Measurement Functions regulate the osmkmat and measurement checks to be performed on medical devices.

The user should perform the following checks, however: For routine measurements—quality inspections, for example—corresponding relative measurement results from diluted samples can be used as a basis for evaluation. The CE mark on the unit acknowledges this.

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Standardized calibration and reference solutions and an adjustment tool are used to check the internal quality control mechanism. RS interface with pin assignment Exclusion of the fact that the warranty exclusions and restrictions named here restrict the legal rights of a customer for example: Do not use the calibration- and reference material after its expiration date!


Printer paper PU 8 Order No. A plateau occurs here as well, but it is inclined. The Gonotec limited warranty is applicable in all countries in which Gonotec sells the applicable product. The purpose of the adjustment is align the center axis of the cooling clamp with the thermistor axis see Figure 7: Seed crystals can also adhere to the thermistor probe.

Convert Osmomat readings into MPa. The temperature is measured with a resolution of 1.

Gonotec Osmomat 030

Measuring vessels that are placed loosely or incorrectly will yield non-reproducible results. Please pay special attention to chapter 7. Such seed crystals might be salt crystals, gas saturation or any pre-existing ice crystals. If the air humidity is very low for example, in heated or airconditioned roomsit may be necessary to open the cover of the upper cooling system.

Mismeasurements that do not produce a result on the digital display and during which the LED for spontaneous crystallization or no crystallization illuminate are not counted. Press the CAL key. No crystallization Possible Cause Procedure Needle too long or too short Bring needle to proper length Needle not deburred at tip e. Gonotec Osmomat Cryoscopic Osmometer. Osmolality is an important measure of concentration for diluted solutions, such as all bodily fluids.

The needle must be carefully aligned.

There must be no visible air bubbles in the liquid! Osmpmat use a new measuring vessel with fresh distilled water for each new measurement. It must be taken into consideration, however, that the osmolality does not change in proportion to the dilution ratio, since the degree of electrolyte dissociation during dilution is different for each substance.

There are yonotec possible reasons for a failure of crystallization to occur: The resulting ice formation causes the temperature to rise to the freezing point of the solution. We are unaware of any reactions between the osmmomat solution and measuring vessel in osmometry. Remove the two thumbscrews 4 Figure The needle can then be straightened caution—risk of Remedy: You may be asked to provide detailed information while running operations or apply other troubleshooting methods that can only be performed on the unit itself.


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Five horizontal dashes appear on the digital display. To align the lower cooling system, Y unscrew the lower face plate and re-align the lower cooling system to the center of the X thermistor probe by loosening the grub screws hex socket screws and mounting screws hex socket or slotted screws, depending on the model on the bottom of the housing Figure 8: If necessary, adjust the reflex photosensor by moving it up or down after first loosening the hex socket screws.

The thermistor probe is immersed in the sample liquid. Gonotec is not obligated to repair or replace a product or refund its purchase price until the customer returns the defective product to Gonotec.

The total osmolality of aqueous solutions is determined by comparative measurements of the freezing points of pure water and of solutions. The heat that was removed during undercooling is released again, the temperature rises spontaneously and the temperature of the sample rises to the freezing point.

This symbol warns against the danger of corrupting measurement results—for example, through improper use of measuring vessels.