French Un Compagnon Dans l’Etude de Franz Bardon, ( MB). Spanish A Spanish Franz Bardon: Introductory Material. (41 kb) . Iniciacion Al Hermetismo. Iniciação ao Hermetismo – Franz Bardon – Free Download Franz Bardon PDF Download books by downloading them on our website in PDF. This Pin was discovered by Erwin Brasil. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Bardon, Franz – Introduccion a La Magia. Eu desisti de descrever a cor de cada ser, o peso, forma e modo de falar, pois seria seria de peque pequeno no valo valorr ao mago mago.

As Bardon relates, the point of this passive communication is to lead the student into a more direct form of communication. Iniciando ao nascer do sol, a cada quatro minutos outro chefe governa. It also shows the student how to sever the connection between their own mind and their muscles, and still accomplish a movement. Listening to your conscience does not require exteriorization and mastery of this technique is a prerequisite for the work of future Steps.

Um mago deveria sempre pensar nisto. So, to be sure that you have accomplished this astral exteriorization, you should use the hermetsmo sensory standard. Com respeito ao ponto 5: The second phase is the reaching of the student’s own depth point.

Isaphil tem muitas servas conhecidas como fadas do mar ou ninfas. Eles Eles somen somente te conh conhec ecia iam m a verdad verdade e mas manti mantinh nhamam-la la secr secret eta. Para uma pessoa pode ser mera curiosidade que a faz questionar se outras esferas realmente existem. This causes a certain disassociation from direct involvement in one’s life circumstances and provides the initiate with a renewed, broadened perspective.

Physical Magical Iniiciao of the Physical Body: SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. O caso aso do Dr.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica

In other words, infinity has no edges, per se — it has only “center”. To explain its rationale and its importance will take some backtracking, so please bear with me. This is the depth point perspective and from here, you can directly perceive a thing’s meaning at an astra-mental level. If either is not present, the arm will not rise.


Word junkie that I am, I ended up writing no less than 37 full pages of commentary and answers to commonly asked questions. Second, I have written a commentary on Steps Five through Ten which outlines some of the points where Bardon’s way of writing from the student’s immediate perspective interferes with the understanding of the unprepared reader. Necas — cor da assinatura: In the case of Franz Bardon’s books, this is compounded by the fact that as he wrote them, he placed himself in the perspective of the student who is actually involved with the labor of the material he describes.

For instance, when he describes the exercises of Step Five in IIH, he is saying things that only a student who has done the labor of the Step One, Two, Three and Four exercises, will understand.

The further you penetrate, the deeper your understanding will grow; and the deeper your understanding, the deeper into the Mysteries will you penetrate.

By pursuing the depth point, we free our center of awareness from the ties of the physical present moment and are then able to expand it and move it around. In point of fact, Frwnz explicitly states that this and similar trickery are not a requirement of Step Five.

For the convenience rfanz the uninitiated reader, Bardon speaks of the three standard physical dimensions and posits a fourth, non-physical dimension, but for the student of Hermetics and for the modern physicist this does not suffice. Isto pode hermegismo como um guia. In the chapters ahead, be sure to ask yourself whether Bardon means that it is the magician who must be able to sense a thing or whether another person must also be able to sense it.

Bardonista: Iniciação ao Hermetismo – Grau V

Todo Todoss barcon tipo tiposs de fanta fantasma smas, s, espe espect ctro ros, s, duend duendes es erran errante tess e similares agem da mesma forma. But the depth point is the eye of the needle so to speak, through which you must travel in order to reach the ultimate expansion.

Ligar-se aos seres espirituais e suas esferas significa perder a liberdade de seus atos e pensamentos. Any contraction of the muscles is incidental and involuntary.

The significance bareon these three ways of viewing time are difficult to understand from within a time-space perspective.

Both this method and Bardon’s method lead to the same place but Bardon’s method teaches the student several important things that the method of listening to your conscience cannot. O corpo astral de um elemental se dispersa em seu elemento, o corpo astral humano se dissolve em quatro elementos. I will not offer my practical advice for these later Steps other than in personal correspondence or conversation with practicing students of those particular Steps.


Asail cores da assinatura: There are many levels bardno degrees of infinity. Uma Uma quart quarta a pess pessoa oa talv talvez ez quei queira ra evoc evocar ar iniciaao seres para para adquirir certos poderes e faculdades, para se tornar famoso, respeitado, etc.

I firmly believe that anyone who has progressed through IIH up to the start of Step Five, has no need for outside advice. All they will do is make you a swimmer in the ffanz stream of time. Ainda, deve ser mencionado que cada ser aparece de um modo diferente. Por exemplo, uma cruz, a qual ao mesmo tempo simboliza o positivo e o negativo, e as pontas as quais simbolizam os quatro elementos.

Isto, claro, somente serve como um exemplo, pois um mago mago que que quer quer cont contat atar ar um cert certo o ser ser pode pode faze fazerr seus seus plan planej ejam amen ento toss individuais.

Asamarc — cores da assinatura: Making things understood, presenting concepts in such a way that it is easy for the reader to grasp hermehismo, is the responsibility of the writer. O ser que toma posse do corpo humano do modo descrito se torna um ser humano em um corpo emprestado.

The student hegmetismo be able to completely disentangle themselves jniciao involvement with their physical senses as this is the key to reaching the depth point. In this and the following Steps, Bardon says that the projections whether they be of an Element, Fluid, etc.

Plus, the student will have learned the ability to puzzle out their questions on their own and will have, by necessity, honed this skill to a razor sharpness. The leverage that Archimedes spoke of is found within the depth point of every thing. Tal condutor de raios pode ser manufaturado enrolando um fio de cobre ou frqnz ferro o ao redo redorr das das pern pernas as da cama cama, amba ambass pont pontas as as quai quaiss deve devem m ser ser conectadas frans a espada ou adaga.