The present user manual applies to the meter specified on the title page. of this user manual are intended for technically qualified personnel of energy. The information contained in this manual has been carefully checked and is believed to be .. Daisy-chaining Devices to the Energy Meter. Printed manual + datasheet . Activating and adding discovered meters to HWg- PWR. .. Reading out energy consumption in remote or inaccessible areas Nagios, Zabbix, Monitor one, The Dude, Paessler IPCheck, Ipswitch WhatsUp.

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That anleiutng reflects the relative costs: BMW Navigation Package, 6. Disappointing weather earlier in has given way to two record months in May and June which yielded the highest monthly outputs for their respective months since the system was installed back in Environmental Report Check to ankeitung how green this vehicle is.

Buy a Diesel rather than a petrol vehicle — but be cautious the CO2 saving is not as marked as the fuel economy benefit might suggest.

If it does, then contact the seller as quite often the finance agreement is settled on sale of the vehicle. The category of write off can vary anlwitung on the vehicle’s age and value. Insurance categories and 5 basic Vehicle Checks The 5 basic checks were provided by Experian when the advert was placed using the details provided.

Mechanically-coupled — a motorway speeds the Ampera links the petrol engine to the driveline allowing engine torque to be transmitted to the wheels in a Prius-like manner for better efficiency.

Northern Design Cube 300 kWh Meter

Various options exist for reduction including: You should also check the vehicle documents carefully. Tonik’s Vision My status Switch to Tonik for lowest cost renewable electricity. Alarm System Thatcham Category 1. We advise you to perform a full check. It often relates to a finance agreement, or where the vehicle was used for temporary use e. Battery quick charge time.

The table above shows columns of energy sources ordered by reverse energy cost versus the major energy consumers in the house: Colour changes of a vehicle may be for the purposes of personalisation, so it’s usually nothing to worry about. Luggage capacity seats down. The Ampera is designed to default to charging at 6 Amps when using a Mode 2 cable that is one with a household plug.


Imported Check to see if the vehicle has been recorded as imported or used before the date the vehicle was registered in the UK, using information from the DVLA. It is not usually connected with the physical condition of the vehicle. Previous Keepers Check to see how many previous keepers the vehicle has had and the dates of change of ownership.

Report Ad Icon Report ad. Space heating — my space heating is generally gas.

A discrepancy indicates that the vehicle may have been ‘clocked’, and that at some point the odometer has been tampered with to display a lower figure than the actual mileage. Battery storage — I currently only charge the battery storage from solar, although there would be a seasonal economic argument to charge from cheap rate electricity if the differential between day and night rates was higher. We recommend that you always check the details with the seller prior to purchase. Dual motor mode — divorces petrol engine from the driveline allowing both electric machines to propel the car — more sophisticated that Prius providing improved electric-only capability.

Obviously the solar system itself is not free, but the money it earns from generating electricity and supplying it to the grid does not depend on what I actually supply to the grid or how much I use. Thus Ampera switches between three Powertrain configurations: Normally this would be seen as a rectangular block as the car charger effectively runs at a constant 10 Amps 2. Manual 3rd backup typically only used for long journeys when charging en-route becomes impractical.

It is not the exact data for the actual vehicle being offered for sale and data for older models may vary slightly. Most days and indeed weeks I use no petrol, but occasionally I can do long trips of a few hundred miles without stopping to charge.


Northern Design Cube kWh Meter (Pulsed) – MPS Energi Shop

Check to see if the vehicle has been written off by an insurer because it is uneconomical to repair. Voice Control of Navigation and Telephone Functions. Rain Sensor with Automatic Wiper. Please note The data displayed above details the usual specification of the most recent model of this vehicle. The sound it now makes suggests that an older solenoid-based ipswutch lock has been replaced by a motor-driven one which makes a distinct buzz rather than a click.

The results are shown below. Colour Changes Check to see if the vehicle has had any colour changes.

The Ampera is a four seater hatchback with an electric range of up to 50 miles. With Remainder of Manufacturers Warranty Full service history, Multicolour, Reserve and collect from any of our locations! As you can see from the table below the content is quite similar, although I have more ambitious use of solar and more sophisticated smart heating management. The write off category indicators kwy provided for your assistance, but the presence or absence of an indicator in an advert should not be relied upon by you to indicate the status of a vehicle.

The dealer can introduce you to carefully selected lenders and may receive a commission for the introduction. Energy consumers are ranked according to the value of displacing the the alternative energy course if not solar: I bought the Ampera principally for local use, cross-shopping against full battery electric vehicles BEVcorrectly anticipating that the Ampera kah enough electric range for my daily use at a price considerably cheaper than the full BEVs.

Extra Data Check to see if there is any additional background information recorded against the vehicle. Surplus solar electricity diverted to charge electric car.