PDF disclaimer. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file may be printed or viewed. ISO System of Limits and Fits Orttech recommends that the ISO system of limits and fits (ISO R) be used for tolerancing of bore and shaft machining, and for. Scope of the ISO System The ISO System of Limits and Fits relates to tolerances on plain parts or components and to the fits corresponding to their assembly.

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Correct included angles according to application. Correct speeds and feeds to be used.

Tolerator (ISO tolerance key)

This module supports managing gages with multiple measurement specifications, allows the user to create fully-annotated calibration procedures and offers advanced scheduling of gage events. Compound slide set correctly. No damage jso workpiece by carrier and firmly in position.

No tools or equipment is damaged. ID3 Recall applicable grievance procedures. No dirt contamination in components.


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All tolerance within ISO standard hole basis system. WT20 Use hand operated presses. WT1 Use fixed and portable drilling machines. Bearing lubricated prior to start. All sizes for telescopic gauge to be within 0,05mm. BG3 Demonstrate overhead crane hand signals. Each type of material correctly identified.

DS9 Identify r826 of fits from engineering drawings.

Correct to drawings and tolerances. Type correct according to application. CL7 Turn an external parallel workpiece. MF4 Use a caliper – inside and outside. MM17 Bore a hole. BG2 Recall overhead crane hand signals.

Correct to outside surfaces. Correct centre t286 of specific tool and application. MM22 Use digital read-out equipment on machines. Maximum surface texture according to N6 on the comparison scale. MM28 Identify high speed and tungsten cutting tools with reference to: DS8 Compile a material list from engineering drawings. Torque to specified standard. All sizes within 0,05mm per running meter.

Correct zeroing method applied.

All tolerance according to ISO R kso. HT3 Maintain measuring, checking, forming, cutting, marking and fastening tools and tooling aids. Correct compound used for application.

In Process Manager, a scrolling statistics view Ticker View has been added. All safety aspects adhered to. Added support for custom fields to be created and attached to parts, routines, or characteristics.


Procedure to allow workpiece to be completed in a logical manner. SF1 Recall relevant regulations of the following Acts: Trusted by Industry across the world for over 40 years Correct cutting compound used where applicable.

In order to better support isl Crystal Reports designed by many customers, Crystal Reports Runtime for Visual Studio will automatically be installed. GR3 Grind plain and angular surfaces. Request a CC Datasheet here.

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isl Surface texture down to N9 according to comparison scale. MM10 Mount a universal head. AS9 Assemble dies and tools. Correct according to centre lines. ID6 Recall quality assurance procedures. Correct according to company quality control procedures. The migration utility makes for an easy transition from our Gage Management 6 version. AO3 Prepare material for arc welding.