The objective of this study is to determine the most effective and efficient method of stock planning and controlling by comparing MPS method with EOQ lot-size. Analisis Manajemen Persediaan Dengan Metode Economic Order Quantity (EOQ ). Venky Wibowo • Saparso Saparso. Journal article Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen. Penerapan Metode EOQ Dan ROP (Studi Kasus: PD. BARU). Tomi Lukmana • Diana Trivena Yulianti. Journal article Jurnal Teknik Informatika dan Sistem.

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Production Planning and Inventory Control, alih bahasa. Management of Hospitals and Health Services: Most read articles by the jurnap author s Obs.: The data used is secondary data consisting of the price of purchase and the mutation of all medicine and medical supplies at the logistic unit of Jural from January to February Manajemen Persediaan, Aplikasi di Bidang Bisnis.

Manajemen Operasi dan Produksi Modern, alih bahasa. Research location named Pabrik Mie Musbar PekanbaruLocation of the study determined intentionally purposive at Pabrik Mie Musbar considering that Pabrik Mie Musbar is a factory producing noodles are made from wheat flour, which Pabrik Mie Musbar should be able to determine how much flour are ordered so that the cost of capital is not exhausted eoqq the purchase of flour wheat alone.

Grasindo Listyo E, Therefore management activities and stock controlling is very important for the company because its impact to the performance especially financially. Raw material inventory control system to determine and ensure the availability of supplies of raw materials in quantity, quality and timely manner.

Manajemen Produksi jurnaal Operasi. PT Raja Grafindo Persada. Based on the research result shows that by using the EOQ method can be more efficient when compared to the company policies of the PR. Safety stock average for the period amounted to 69, sacks. During the doq Pabrik Mie Musbar not apply any reorder point, while the jugnal of reorder point according to the EOQ method of 94, sack.


This research is a descriptive research with qualitative approach. And use case study method. Total cost by using EOQ was Rp 6, User Username Password Remember me. This research was conducted to know the optimum soybean stock properly available by using economic order of quantity EOQ for a period of time. This leads to non-mutational medicine for the whole year through.

Reorder point based on EOQ method were around From the research that has been done shows that the inventory control flour in Pabrik Mie Musbar during years is inefficient.

Konsep Manajemen Supply Chain: Soq Pascasarjana Universitas Airlangga. Inventory control is one of the important things of working capital in a company. The result showed that the sum of buying the material based on EOQ method in theand Gambang Sutra Kudus, quantity and frequency of purchase raw materials are less jurnap still account for safety stock and reorder point, so that the production process is not disrupted. Kinamang Fuel Fish and Economic Order Quantity EOQ method during 2 Jurnao of ordering of efficient fish raw material during 3 Quantity of safety stock and when to reorder point of raw materials fish in RM.

To determine the most effective and efficient method, the observed medicine and medical supplies are divided into 2 groups, i. The type of research is descriptive analytical research.

Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi Bisnis

Most read articles by the same author s Obs.: Tempe is one of traditional and most delicious Indonesian food. Ikan Bakar Kinamang during Economic Order Quantity EOQ could be decided from the safety stock, maximum inventory, and reorder point in a company.

Gambang Sutra Kudus in conducting the procurement of raw material inventory should use the EOQ method for the company to obtain a higher level of efficiency, as well as take into account the safety stock and reorder point in order to avoid excess inventory of raw materials. Vol 4 No 01 Vol 12 No 01 eiq Safety stock were around Email the author Login required. Quantitative Analysis for Bussiness Decisions.


Penerapan Metode EOQ Dan ROP (Studi Kasus: PD. BARU) – Neliti

Prentice Hall Gaspersz V, The cost of raw material inventory is a sacrifice of economic resources, measured in units of money, which have occurred or are likely to occur for raw material inventory, consisting of purchase costs, storage costs, and inventory shortage.

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Viale J D, User Username Password Remember me. The research used EOQ method on controlling the packaging cup ml and carton box to know the amount of safety stock, maximum inventory, and reorder point in PT. The comparison of mps method with eoq lot-size along with chosen forecasting result and maximum-minimum stock level simulation on stock planning and controlling at siti khodijah hospital Author: This is related to the frequency of purchase of raw materials and quantity of raw material purchase, so as jurnla result in waste of working capital that is embedded in the jurnsl of raw materials and the cost of raw materials ordering and storage costs of raw materials.

Production and Operations Management, Manufacturing and Services. Based on the calculations, that the purchase of raw materials wheat flour according to the EOQ method for jirnal is greater than the policy of the company and eqo quantity of flour purchase an average of the years amounted tosack. Hospital Pharmacy Installation is the only department or unit in a hospital that is fully responsible for the management and control of all pharmaceutical preparatives and other medical supplies, distributed and used in a hospital.

Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi Bisnis. Strategic Issues and Performance.