Illustrated Judo Waza dictionary for the many Judo Waza: Kuzushi (Balance breaking) introduction. Kuzushi is integral to Judo, and is taught right from the very beginning, but as I’ll discuss here, there are different forms of Kuzushi, and different. However when it comes to sparring and to competitive judo I have a persistent problem with kuzushi, which in turn makes it all the more difficult.

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Happo no Kuzushi — Same as above, but the directions directly forward and back are added, for a total of eight directions of off balance. Kuzushi Judo Club Launceston Tasmania added 3 new photos.

The Difficult Way: Forget about Kuzushi

This really trains you in applying kuzushi at the right moment, because you won’t accomplish anything at all against much heavier guys at all when not timed correctly. Fantastic judoka and beautiful technique. Happo no Kuuzushi Same as above, but the directions directly forward and back are added, for a total of eight directions of off balance.

Here we emotionally withdraw from the world and refuse to passionately engage with it viewing it as a source of misery. Off-balancing uke certainly does exactly this. The idea is that when you are completely relaxed, your body will react on it’s own accord, rather than you concentrating on doing a particular task. Tori kuzusih unable to apply kuzushi properly in conjunction with tsukuri and so defaults to attacking an on balance uke with the inevitable result — throw failure.


Luzushi, in a few throws the tsukuri happens first, the kuzushi occurs next, and the kake ends the technique.

Kuzushi Judo Club Launceston Tasmania added 4 new photos. You can observe from competition footage and from footage of quality nagekomi that no one ever starts square on to their uke off balances them, then fits in, then completes the throw. Too often we make the mistake of letting events or people destabilize us because we assume that our centre lies somewhere out there. This illustrates how important it is to use your position, rather than your grip, to create kuzushi.

Provoke movements, if he resists, use his reaction to move him into the opposite direction. Judo milestones in Bhutan.

Rather than initiating any movement – you kuzushii what uke gives you, and work with it. Ten weeks of judo. Or, in Judo terms, is it Kuzushi and then Tsukuri, or the other way around?

Apologies if this is a bit rambling, let me know if any of this makes sense. The main difference, then, that makes it harai-goshi: Breaking jjudo balance of the opponent by pull or push movements of the arm s is the most essential part of a throw.

Glossary of Judo terminology

S Eliot says it best in the poem Burnt Norton. Only necessary for absolute beginners and learning the basics. The argument could then be made that a fifth of Scotch or a baseball bat can be judk very effective form of kuzushi!

I’ve been sparring with lighter people lately actually my confidence took a bit of a knock after an injuryand I do find that if you can find a light person willing to have you throw them about a bit, it’s quite helpful – if I don’t need to apply all your strength and am not particularly worried about getting overpowered then I kuzushl I can relax more and focus on getting the technique right – the temptation to just kuzushii it gets removed. As any experienced and knowledgeable Judoka will tell you going down this route is a hiding to nothing.


If they can get uke to step back with their left foot at a 45 degree angle and simultaneously advance their own foot 7. They can be useful in setting up the kuzushi, and in assisting with the kake. Probably quite a few confused and or shocked faces on people after having read that.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. When you attack at the moment uke is not in good balance, he cannot make the appropriate defense. He is surely going to be a dynamite in the next few years when he packs on the muscle!! But it every throw, where your feet are placed is maybe the most important piece of positioning.

Kuzushi – Wikipedia

Also if you do manage to off balance someone using your hands. The goal of kuzushi is simple, to prevent uke from being able to mount a defense against the technique being used. However, being stable and not falling off the bike remains juudo no matter how high you progress