Dec Lucas & Sasha, Saga Psi/Cambiantes, La Noche del Cazador, Nalini Singh. megustaleer – La noche del cazador (Psi/Cambiantes 1) – Nalini Singh. Nalini Singh es una escritora de novelas románticas paranormales nacida en , en Fiji y es La Noche Del Cazador () – ISBN ; La Noche Del Jaguar () – ISBN ; Caricias De Hielo () – ISBN.

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I’ve been in the mood for a sexy romance novel for a while. Sadly, it lacked originality and felt like a never ending chore to nodhe through. Obviously, I will not be continuing the series. This book reminded me of the movie Equilibrium but with ridiculous cats changelings that loved to touch each other. Yes, it’s as dumb as it sounds I feel like maybe if I had read this book three years ago, I’d have rated it much higher.

There’s just so many better books out there in this genre and I can’t overlook that. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — La noche del cazador by Nalini Singh. Los psi gobiernan el mundo. Lo han conseguido a un alto precio: Sascha Duncan, sin embargo, percibe emociones que apenas logra controlar.

Paperbackpages. San Francisco, California United States. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about La noche del cazadorplease sign up. I’ve read the entire series, numerous times. Now I’m looking for something as addictive. The same realm of PNR, even the same formula of couple per book. As long as it’s good writing and engaging characters, I’m all game to try it.

Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole is a close second Also, this series is great in audio Kingmaker – Amanda Bouchet K.

Breene – ALL her books but in order from favorite to still great but. And the first 3 series listed are not only cool PNR but funny too! Burn in You- suzanne Collins more interesting and likeable characters than Phoenix pack series by the same author Also this is a great series to listen to on audio Graceling series – Kristen Cashore – highly recommend!

Definitely start with “A war lord wants forever, I think its listed as.

Ollie Witt – Donna Augustine only 1 book out but a naloni start to a series that I am sure will be great Pride – Shelley Laurensten the world and characters are more fun than serious and definitely LOL moments here and there Bargainer – Laura Cazzador 1 book out so far but the second book to be released soon – This cazadoor also a top pick.

Dragons of Bloodfire – Erin Kellison I loved book 1 and enjoyed book 2, I am not sure why it isn’t more popular but, in my opinion I really liked it, and if you have read through the suggestions thus far and agree with me about the ones you have read, then I say AND the series is complete so you can read it straight through without waiting for the next in the series to be released. Starbound and Illuminae Files – Amie Kaufman more sci-fi than paranormal but definitely good reads Nightwalker – Jacquelyn Frank I cazadkr this series, but World of Nightwalker series is really bad!


AND the series is complete – so no waiting Both C. L Wilson series – Tairen Soul series is cazadir. Weathermages series book 1 was really good, but the second book is seriously taking forever, which is really annoying Carter series complete and book 1 is so much less than the rest of the series, so slngh you start this series and are unsure if you want to continue, DO continue because the rest of the series gets better with every book.

Anything by Marissa Meyer!! I hope I have given you many choices that you have not already read!

La noche del cazador

Please let me know your opinion on my suggestions! Do you have to read the entire series in order, or are they good stand alones? I’m kind of hesitant to start such a long series! Sparrow In my opinion, the first few naliji could act as stand-alones though you won’t get the full effect, however, the story line gets more complex as it …more In my opinion, the first few books could act as stand-alones though you won’t get the full effect, however, the story line gets more complex as it goes on so you probably should read them all in order.

I absolutely love this series and would definitely recommend it! See all 7 questions about La noche del cazador…. Lists with This Book. I found this one to be really mind-numbingly boring! I get fed up reading the same slow moving plot that is just a background thing for two people who are going to have sex.

Lucas is the typical dek babe I’m a monster who makes sexual comments all the time and yum yum I could eat you up and I want into your pants’ kind of guy. Sascha cazadog the ‘oh no what is wrong with me and how can I want such a scary man’ sad excuse for a heroine. I don’t mind sex in books but please can we have some bet Bleah!

I don’t mind sex in books but please can we have some better plot as well!!! Authors like Kelley Armstrong show that you can have a good sexual pairing along with the characters being well written AND an exciting nocche I was excited at first at the prospect of characters with Vulcan traits meeting shapeshifters. But this isn’t doing it for me, I was skimming by chapter two and felt no compulsion to pick this up again.

Made myself read another two chapter of nothing much. I don’t care about the MCs or their inner monologue. She’s constantly worrying about her own inadequacies, he’s disrespectful of her boundaries and personal space.

If I was her, I would have punched him by the second time he touch I was excited at first at the prospect of characters with Vulcan traits meeting shapeshifters. If I was her, I would have punched him by the second time he touched me without invitation, especially after I had told him not to.

I skimmed and picked at some bits of this novel and it all reads and feels like the first few chapters. Read a few pages in the last chapter and the epilogue. Perhaps this is too much PNR for me. Add to that cazaodr gender models and I am done. DNF at 56 cazqdor and some nilly-willy skimming through later bits of the book. View all 4 comments. There are a whole bunch of people who rated this 4 and 5 stars and I was genuinely confused as I was reading it because maybe I got the wrong book?

Maybe there is a good book with the same title and I just picked the wrong one? For one thing, the writing is really disjointed and inconsistent, with different scenes written as though they were by different people, or maybe the same author over a long period of time. The majority of the book’s length comes from the author repeating information over and over and over again.


La noche del cazador / Slave To Sensation

I get it, Psy are not supposed to express emotions. The entirety of the plot could have fit in about 25 pages. There is a bad Psy, who is “hiding” in Psy-net and the protagonists have to come together to defeat him even though they are from different groups.

I say “hiding”, because it is obvious who this dude is from the first time he appears. Since there were so many pages devoted to expository description, you might think that some of this would be dedicated to describing what the changelings look like currently, since, you know, they can CHANGE, but you would be wrong. When Lucas was talking, or appeared in a scene, I could not get a clear picture of him in my mind – is this guy a leopard that just happens to be speaking like a person?

A person who just happens to kind of sort of be like a leopard? What about all the other cat-based changelings? What do they look like in each scene? I was really curious about the world that this is supposed to take place in, and felt like there was definitely not enough worldbuilding. It is not all that far into the future from, say, NOW, how did regular humans split off into Psy and changelings, and why are there normal humans still left, if these two new species?

Why are there cat people in San Francisco and dog people in the rest of California? Why did changeling based humans only evolve to become cat people and dog people? Is this somehow related to werewolves? I was aware that I was seriously overthinking this as I was reading, but these kinds of questions were completely distracting for me. The parts that I liked included: The parts that I didn’t like included: Every single one of the characters, all the unexplained details about the world, and the majority of the plot, which was not complex at all.

The male-dominated hierarchies and the dominance of males over females are indicative of the author’s tendency to engage in stereotypic and dated notions of nature and sexual dominance in nature. Those views of nature I would suggest are fairly chauvinistic and highly inaccurate. Females of the big cat species are very independent and are highly sexual selective.

Nalini Singh – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Males definitely do not set noce terms of mating where the big cats are concerned. I also find that the author dabbles in some fairly inaccurate and what I will call Socially Darwinian notions with respect to the behavior of males of feline and canine species. It’s basically the notion of “Nature red in tooth and claw”. The Changeling males are often characterized as uncontrollable, vengeful, violent, and homicidal due to their “animal” natures, whereas in nature most disputes among males are often settled via posturing, displays, and fighting that rarely leaves either participant in fear singj their own lives.