Follow all instructions and adhere to warnings marked on the unit and in the .. MPX ix. Important User Information. Lexicon is pleased to present its user. Lexicon MPX Lexicon MPX dual effects processor (angled view). . The manual rightly points out that, because such complex processing introduces a. View and Download Lexicon MPX user manual online. Lexicon User Guide bit Dual Channel Processor. MPX Computer Hardware pdf manual.

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Res 1, 2 In Chorus programs, control the amount of feedback signal. The MPX is a true stereo, dual-channel processor with bit internal processing, analog-to-digital conversion, and digital-to-analog conversion.

See page for more information about the front panel display. Enter text from picture: Page 97 MPX 2. See the table at the right for additional bank numbers.

Lexicon MPX User Manual | pages

The stereo polyphonic Pitch programs can be used to shift program material or monophonic sources within a range of one octave up to two octaves down. Page 17 About the MPX When the MPX is patched into a console, this parameter should almost always be set to Wet.

  DA PAM 351-4 PDF

The information it contains is subject to change without notice. The result was a series of changing phase cancellations and reinforcements, with characteristic swishing, tunneling, and fading sounds. Clock Source parameter Lexicon will Controls the level above which signals are compressed.

Select the desired controller using one of the following methods: Rectified Smooth modulation with no polarity Sine reversal. Page 25 MPX 4.

Programs stored in the User Bank are still available, but cannot be modified. Bypass MPX 4. Page 56 Set the Mix parameter to Wet to achieve the full effect of these programs. The parameter setting defines the maximum increase in signal level due to expansion.

Studio Manuals – Lexicon

The clean reverberation of Hall programs is designed to add spaciousness without altering source material. Dynamics The parameter setting defines the maximum increase in signal level due to 505. These programs are stunning on acoustic or clean electric guitar.

It is controlled with four Fax Service This document should not be construed as a commitment on the part of Lexicon, Inc. Press the System button again to deactivate System Mode.

Settings are defined as follows: Dynamics uses a different compression mechanism, explained on page By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. When LowSlope is set to 0, the level of low reverb remains unchanged over its duration, then cuts off abruptly.



Peak Expansion Meter Indicates the level of peaks above the peak expansion lexicom. The Gate programs provide a fairly constant sound with no decay until the reverb is cut off abruptly.

HF Rlloff Sets the high-frequency cutoff of a low-pass filter.

Lexicon MPX 550 User Manual

More information about using this advanced feature with the MPX and other Lexicon products is available at www. When dumped back, the System Mode settings and Learned Patches will take effect immediately.

Its mix level will reflect the current setting of the Mix parameter. See page for more information. Lexiconn the front panel Store button to execute this procedure and return the User Bank to its factory-default condition. Page 91 Controls the level above which signals are compressed. Page 89 Parameter Descriptions Mix controls the ratio of unprocessed Dry and processed Wet signal in the output.

Stereo Stage provides stereo reverb while preserving the dry signal.