Roquette® Mannitol is a white crystalline powder with a very light sweet flavour. It is non-cariogenic, and has good thermal stability and low hygroscop. PEARLITOL®. Mannitol. Roquette. Obtained industrially by hydrogenation of fructose, it’s main uses in the food industry are in chewing gums, chewy sweets and. Mannitol is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations and food products. Mannitol may be used in direct-compression tablet applica- . Roquette Fre`res).

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In the field of polyol use as regards the field that will be specifically addressed in the present invention, namely pharmaceutical excipients and bulk sweeteners used in the food industry, no satisfactory solution has yet been really proposed.

Transfer-resistant cosmetic composition comprising a non-volatile silicone compound and a non-volatile hydrocarbon-based oil which is incompatible with this silicone compound. Our in-process quality control ensures a consistent supply of raw materials and excipients to support your needs.

Roquette® Mannitol

The operating conditions for producing these coagglomerates are represented in the following table 1. Federated States of Micronesia.

Select Country of Usage. Maltitol liquids are widely used in various pharma oral dose and nutraceutical applications including as a vehicle for losenges; medicated confectionary; syrups, suspensions, liquids.

These modifications are, however, introduced mainly by nannitol multiple ingredients: Please agree to our terms before we can reply to your question see Data Protection page Please agree to our terms before we can reply to your question see Data Protection page.

A SumoBrain Solutions Company. Unfortunately, the product obtained by crystallization from water using a supersaturated solution still exhibits excessive friability. Particle Size Mean Diameter: We can help you meet all those demands — globally! This product mmannitol ideal for use in chewing gum, chewy sweets, pan coatings, and tablets.


Modified waxy maize starch provides excipient benefits as a suspending agent and viscosifier. The results are summarized in the following table This comment must be less than chars. However, this recrystallization is detrimental to the desired disintegration capacity.

The tablets produced must, however, be sufficiently hard to withstand breaking, but at the same time have good disintegration properties.

Coprocessed: Mannitol, starch

Mamnitol to your account. When a product is verified ‘available for sale’ in a country, you can be assured that Roquette has met all the standards and registrations required by that country’s regulatory authorities.

The tableting capacity of lactose remains insufficient but it has been possible to improve it by adding to the lactose a binding or diluting excipient having a better tableting capacity, such as a microcrystalline cellulose. The Pea in Motion Discover more. Please try again later or alternatively you can contact us.


Innovation in protein stabilization. We are unable to carryout a download document right now. Roquetfe information available here is not intended to indicate that a specific product is available or approved for sale in a country.

Excipact certified DMF Available. View Animal Nutrition products View market information.

PEARLITOL Mannitol DC from Roquette Pharma – Product Description and Details

Modified waxy maize starch provides excipient benefits as a suspending agent and viscosifier. Texturized for direct compression.

The applicant company has found that mannitol in alpha- or delta-crystalline form, brought into contact with a small amount of roquegte, as is the case in the oral cavity, dissolves and then recrystallizes in beta form. An initial force of 3 N is applied to the tablet by means of the cylindrical punch, 5 mm in diameter, of an Instron universal tensile-compression testing machine USA, Canton-MA.


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It also has the drawback of causing a decrease in the hardness of the tablets following water uptake during storage.

The starch content is also an important parameter, as is its ratio with respect to the mannitol. Starch can also serve as a diluent and even, at low concentration, as a flow-promoting agent, or even as a binder when it is precooked. Roquette is a leader in providing carbohydrates for cell culture, and developing novel technology for protein stabilization.

Protein stability Cell cultures solutions. Roquette can help you give consumers the food they want and can feel good about: These portable pharmaceutical formulations exist more particularly in orodispersible or fast-dissolving form and have the particularity of dissolving, melting or disintegrating in the mouth in a few seconds without water and chewing. Your success is our greatest priority and together we can write a new chapter for Beauty!

To better serve you and give you exactly the information you need, select a country so we can verify that the product is available for sale in your country.